Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Wednesday Cyril: Shame on Your Death Fibre

We're guessing that the one letter of support for Turner and Newall and old Dick Badami (below), the industrial illness and safety "expert" with a specialism in graphite rather than asbestos, on the Rochdale Obbie letters page will be somewhat undermined by this Coroner's report (above, and extract below):

Asbestos had part in death of pensioner

"An industrial cancer contributed to the death of a pensioner who worked at the former Turner and Newall asbestos factory, an inquest heard ... Mr Hilton had told members of his family he remembered that the warehouse was very dusty and would often find his overalls covered in dust ... He said: "I knew it was nasty stuff and I used to put a hankerchief over my mouth ...". The Coroner said "It is clear that malignant mesothelomoma was acquired during his employment at Turners." He added: "It is surprising how many individuals I come across who are still unaware of both the causal factors and the symptoms they suffer from so terribly. That's the reason why these cases still need to be publicised."

Perhaps Sir Cyril Smith MBE and brother Norman Smith MBE will read this report and suddenly have a Road to Damascus moment? Then again, you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. They may instead grasp at the Coroner's verdict of Natural Causes despite presence of a malignant mesithelomoma. How many more deaths have been so recorded? More on the following letter anon.


Anonymous said...

Mesothelioma asbestos cancer. "Natural causes" in Rochdale.

That says it all.

Chris Paul said...

This sort of thing is extraordinarily common in fact anon. Cancer patients dying of heart attacks related to their treatment regime is very very common. It sometimes takes committed and determined relatives to make sure death certificates and related statistics reflect the real cause.

Anonymous said...

Good point Chris but if Mr Hilton had mesothelioma and a confirmed work history at TBA then this is still very odd. It raises a lot of questions about the Rochdale mesothelioma figures published by the Rochdale Observer last week underneath the article where the current Rochdale MP gave confident reassurances that school children and teachers are face absolutely no risk from asbestos in schools.

Obviously the Rochdale Coroner must have given reasons for the verdict of natural causes and he did make special mention of exposure at TBA and the need for these facts to be more widely known.

Between the lines this could be seen as a clear rebuke to Norman and Cyril Smith.

Rochdale has a very sad history on industrial health cover up -especially with asbestos.

This has shocking similarities to Rochdale deaths and inquests reported in Alice Fight For Life. The 1982 documentary that Cyril publicly suggested that TBA sue Yorkshire TV.

How many more deaths is it going to take?

Was Mr Hilton working at TBA the same time that Arnold Brooke C Eng FI Mech E (see boastful letter) was installing the world-leading asbestos dust air extraction equipment?

Rest in Peace Mr Hilton. The crass attempts by Cyril Smith and his apologists at rewiting history will not work.

People are no longer so gullible or deferential.