Monday, November 24, 2008

Iain Dale: Possible Tax Rise Gets Approval From LPFTB?

Presumably when Iain Dale the LPFTB* says "Tax Rise Marks the Death of New Labour" he must approve? As he is the sworn enemy of New Labour? Mmmm. Perhaps he thinks that what comes next, let's call it Just Labour, is a more difficult foe?

Getting rid of loopholes and particularly non-dom and non-res arrangements could be used in tandem to give a real sense in the country of fairer income tax.

There was a hilarious man - out of Iain's Tory stable - absolutely yabbering at Steven Nolan on Radio Five Live tonight. Perhaps someone has a tape of it? Comedy Tory Man writ large.

* LPFTB - Labour Party's Favourite Tory Blogger.

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