Sunday, November 16, 2008

Vive La Difference: Let's Have Some Clear Blue Water

Good stuff from Iain Dale, at least according to his Greek Chorus of Real Tory survivalists. Vive la difference! Yes! Let's have Tories telling it like it is. Cutting tax on the richest. Owning up to plans to cut and privatise to pay for that. Encouraging the sink or swim mentality. "And NO we're NOT paying for any water wings." AND "All fish will in future purchase their own bicycles."

Seriously though there are some things that really oughtn't to be said by any prominent responsible politician e.g. "They've come to kill us all!" "There will be a real run on the pound any day now!" "The Russians are coming!" "Den Dover has been horribly wronged".

Or even "XYZ Council is Labour, let's ignore ABC run by Tories with similar generic problems, or our scrutiny opportunity at XYZ, and let's give them a kicking anyway". Over the dead body of Baby P.

Take care Iain. The family of this child benefited after all from Thatcherism, deep Town Hall cuts forced by the centre in the 80s and 90s, secondary moderns, and nearly two decades general neglect.

They're into generation three of serious multiple deprivation and chaos.

In fact the thing that riled Brown was the yah boo Punch and Judy little childish dig that Cambama could not resist: the "Betcha don't answer" baiting. Not the reasonable concern that an inquiry should ensue if needed.

But yes, never mind, Vive la difference! More power to Iain's elbow I say.

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