Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Nanny Spelman: Tories Laying Off Staff Ready For Battle

That Caroline Spelman, remember her?, reports that the Conservatives Have Their Ducks Lined Up for a general election. Including presumably a jolly good creche for working mums? Of which of course LOL approve. And of getting those ducks lined up money wise also:

"If we want to form the next Government, we need to lead by example and unlike Labour our first priority has been to get our finances in order."

Presumably this fiscal requirement will explain the counter-cyclical shedding, reported by Hopi Sen, of Twenty Dirt Digging CCHQ Muppets - replaced by one ambitious boy who works for a pint of cooking lager once every two years. But it's just when everyone would have expected new forces to be recruited. See, it's counter-cyclical. Like the rising fuel duty we could have had right now under the Lilico Maxim.

Ten of them could have been saved by offing that lovely Steve Hilton and his £270,000 basic salary, plus on costs instead. Still, it's the rich what gets the pleasure and the poor wot gets the blame. The redundants will have to buy their own bikes and get on them. Mosso will probably have a nicer one when he leaves Johnson's shoddy and bankrupt MFI kitchen cabinet.

For Mosso is rich-as-Croesus as Boris might allude, as he magnificently and until LPFTB Dale blabbed secretly lampoons a visiting boring and baffled potato-soup Po-lack dignitary. There's BoJo London hospitality for ya!!

Still, as the still unsacked Caroline Spelman (both links to Beau Bo D'Or) confirms the Tories are ready for a Spring Election. Shame of it all is that the political spread betting shows Gordon winning that one, having the most seats at least.

Mike Smithson is suggesting this is because Mandelson and Co are mullering Hilton's Hounds just now. Though there are caveats, mostly that under election time rules Cam would be helped to getting more of a media show by balance requirements.

Obviously my own house was wagered long ago on a June 2009 poll. So I look forward to joining Michael Meacher in the rarified Nine-House-Comrade bracket. Though I'm told he actually has a few more than that. Stashed away for hard times. Top up for the measley HoP Pension don't you know.


Anonymous said...
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Chris Paul said...

A banned correspondent writes:

The staff that work in Lord Ashcroft of Belize's office - are they paid for by Conservative Central Office or by Ashcroft's loose change?
If they are not being affected by these cutbacks (sorry, restructuring) then I can only see the good Lord's iron grip on who does and doesn't get selected tightening even further.

Or is Michael drawing back his saintly church work commitments - trying to get Dale elected and the like - so that he can get back to vulturing round the world, hoovering up ailing cleaning business and the like? Laying off staff? Beggaring terms and conditions? like a proper Tory should in these hard times?

If so can Tory Politics, the organ, be considered safe from harm?

Anonymous said...
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Chris Paul said...

Michael Ashcroft lurves credit crunchies. He has readies and buys up people who have none. Vulture Capitalist = VC, geddit?

Anonymous said...

Like Geoffrey Robinson except Ashcroft funds a movement not a bowel.

Chris Paul said...

A movement? Not a bowel? Gosh, that's clever, that's very clever.