Thursday, January 29, 2009

Paul "Slumdog" Rowen: Inexplicable on the Gaza Question

Not sure I understand the Paul "Slumdog" Rowen MP mission to Strasbourg which clashed with his existing commitment to compare oratory styles with George Galloway MP and the rest. That was on the 25th, last Sunday.

Press Release 048(2009) of the The Bureau of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe, meeting in Luxembourg on 20 January agreed this statement. Click to enlarge. Here's an extract with CLRACoE remembering unlike Rowen/Hennigan to name check Hamas:

"The Bureau of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe welcomes the ceasefire in the Gaza Strip after weeks of fighting, and calls on all parties to the conflict to begin immediate negotiations for a lasting truce. The Bureau expresses its solidarity with the population in the Gaza Strip affected by the extreme military violence, which left more than a thousand people dead and thousands injured, causing unbearable suffering. It condemns the excessive use of force by the Israeli army and the blatant disregard for the civilian population caught in the fighting. It deplores furthermore the targeting of civilian and humanitarian infrastructures during the attacks. The Bureau also condemns the firing of rockets by Hamas into southern Israel from the Gaza Strip, which killed civilians and only fuelled the conflict."

Not sure why Rowen needed to miss his big gig then? Never mind leave abrasive drunkard Dave Hennigan to sort out a substitute. Which factoring in hubris and stupidity and thinking all the Lib Dems elected reps are bad rubbish was almost bound to be himself.

Clearly there was a huge risk, as far as the organisers were concerned, that three strikes and you really should be out Dave would deviate from the script. The published script being after all the one cleaned up for the parliamentary website. Witnesses suggest he had been scribbling ad libs. No doubt to be augmented by his spur of the moment impulses.

Castlemere Community Centre had reason to be wary of Henni as he rained on their parade, making a drunken exhibition of himself, when Jack Straw was on a visit. The Ramadhan Foundation and all the other muslim organisations involved have their reasons too with his insensitive carve ups and brow beating legendary in the town.

So, as the The Bureau of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe already had a settled view by 20 January, and as the big meeting on Gaza is supposedly today, and as Hennigan is an embarrassing liability why did Rowen go on his jollies? Why would Rowen require "his" words to be read out? Why would he not forbid Hennigan being reader?

And why would Slumdog Rowen - who must have drawn down a million of taxpayers money by now, plus his two-job council crust for three years - why would he pile in so undiplomatically when his unreliable ambassador showed the tact of a potty rhinosaurus in a china shop, or for that matter Saint Cyril clumsily making speeches for vested interests?

CYRIL SMITH TRIVIA: Did you know that Sir Cyril shared an office for a time with John Prescott? Plenty of elbow room in there then! Though in fact Sir Cyril didn't bother going in to work. He literally could not fit in the lift. And the stairs of course were a no go area. So, far from "rushing home to Rochdale because he loved it so much" as an explanation for hardly any time spent in Westminster, he was continuously skiving off. Using the ridiculous excuse of his morbid obesity as flabby cover.


RAW - Rochdale's Alternative Website said...

We have cheekily used your Cyril Smith/ Art of Discipline montage to illustate a recent log entry.

Has anyone seen Paul Rowen recently?

If he isn't spotted soon, wanted posters will have to be handed out in Strasbourg.

Chris Paul said...

Cheek away, you naughty people.

No news of big hitter Rowen's huge impact at his jollies. But he is in a nice hotel. He's not in Davos but he is an expletive deleted pig in shit as they say in Milkstone and Deeplish, though they say worse about the Boy David.

Anonymous said...

Were you at the count Chris?

Anonymous said...

Late night Dave? Don't party too hard as the Federal party must be taking a keen interest in Rochdale Lib Dem shenanigans.

Trouble seems to follow you like a bad smell.

Chris Paul said...

Anonymous - no I was not at the count. I would have liked to be there to offer moral support to the three better candidates who rather inevitably got bested by the feeble Liane one and the not-to-be-sniffed-at Leech machine. But alas I had to be elsewhere.