Saturday, February 21, 2009

Derek Draper: Still Under Attack, But Relaxing Into Bloggery

Gimbyblog and others are still working on their talking cures, contacting their inner child over their anger issues.

These are person-centred.

They are foaming at their mouths that that Derek Draper (right) is as qualified as many/most shrink/counsellers in the yellow pages, but indubitably flexed his CV.

... The man himself is relaxing into bloggery.


Anonymous said...

For some reason, I initially read "bloggery" as "buggery" there!

Anonymous said...

Relaxing into bloggery?

You mean keeping his big, stupid, egomaniac cretinous mouth shut and refraining from embarrassing us any longer?

Chris Paul said...

Exactly. And accepting the piss being ripped out of him in good grace.

It's progress. Don't knock it.