Saturday, February 21, 2009

Rochdale In the Raw: Smacking a Few Bare Backsides

Apparently Sir Cyril Smith MBE, above modelling a sexy tabard for ne'er-do-well lads and lassies - according to Rochdale Alternative Website - who should get the old PD OTK slap happy summary punishment if you ask Cyril - has recently won the lottery. He got a bulging brown envelope through his Emma's Treat flap. Confirming his big win.

Being a cynical old git - and having used some of his slush fund to exhaust all possibilities of actually getting his "900,000 euros prize bonanza" with a lot of futile calls to an 08xx number - he's now warning his beloved Rochdale: Tha Don't Get Owt For Nowt.

That's the Truth in Cyril's world of the big "I AM" certainly. So what did he pay Turner Brothers Asbestos (etc) for writing his speeches for him? Owt presumably? Apart from a few slap up meals and ring side seats? Owt presumably? And what did they pay him in return for reading those speeches so beautifully? Owt not Nowt presumably?

And let's be perfectly clear here, Cyril was calling for less interference in well-known killer asbestos death factories and products, against every scrip of evidence on the planet. That's huge. That's certainly larger than life.

He probably did it because he loved Rochdale to death. The dead and dying workers knew what they were doing(?). they could have worked somewhere else(?). But given his Owt For Nowt declaration I must say I'd just like to check. It does make you wonder. Doesn't it?

Good new though that Paul Rowen MP is back on "Cyril's stooge" message. Loyalty and discipline are underrated.

He did promise us all only recently that Rochdale schools were safe and asbestos free. And that eating cheese and onion tarts sprinkled with asbestos dust extended your life.

And then he went back on all that. What a hero!

But now he's back. The Sun shines out of Cyril's fat arse once again! Even if The Mirror says different. *And the Winky Wanky Bird also ... is not convinced. No Madam! Please don't throw sand in his eyes! All hail to beautiful Cyril! And his expansive cheeks! A big "W" written on every cheek! And when he bends over? W-o-W!

FOOTNOTE: Keep counting those chimneys.
* This is an obscure reference to The Wild West Show song. ?Derek and Clive? Not sure.


No fan of Dave said...

Counting chimneys? I'd rather be sleeping.

The ressurection of Cyril will not happen. He's far too burned. Ignominy, ignominy. They've all got over your myth, big man. No Carry on Cyril I'm afraid. Toss Hennigan Pod, the cowardly inventor to the Romans. Damaged goods, my boy. Damaged goods...

Chris Paul said...

I don't get your banter old man.

The closeness of Rowen to Smith is extremely worrying I'd have thought.

For most reasonable people?

If Rowen will not publically cricify the larger than life duo of Smiths then he might as well not bother to contest the election.

Rowen must denounce the shit that is Cyril Smith. If he doesn't he's toast. If he does he may also have a problem getting back. But at least he'd have a clearer conscience.