Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bristol Palin: Deliverance From White Trash Levi Johnston

Anyone holding betting slips for "six months or less" from Bristol Palin teen birth to Levi Johnston "white trash" crash and burn may now collect their winnings. You'll probably want to contribute these to Tom Harris MP's morality mission for feckless young girls?

Sarah Palin's Life In Pictures (First Post, Sept 2008).

She ain't using no bow and arrow. George W Bush's Favourite Film, particularly this bit, featuring Dick Cheney, as a paddle, quail hunt, cook out, and meet the natives vacation goes horribly wrong.

I'm not sure this was in Barack Obama's box set. An altogether more uplifting pick. Tom Harris MP, again. He truly is Labour's answer to Iain Dale.

UPDATE 15:58: Iain has drawn attention to a fund for MPs who have fallen on hard times. Something to fall back on for Leech, Rowen and Hunter after the General Election.

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