Monday, March 02, 2009

Conservative Home Centre Right: Thoughts on Draper's List

Tim Montgomerie is celebrating Man U's season as the Reds head towards sextuplets in the trophy cabinet. But he feels that we Reds are very, very unlikely to be in government after the next general election. With that in mind he gives Derek Draper's progress the once over. Pretty generous, pretty accurate, essentially still welcoming the competition.

Comments are often more hostile. Including good old Donal Blaney calling Derek "barmy", several Redwoodistas on the pimp, and some plain old fashioned air turning blue tribalists. Some of them just don't like the man. Why ever is that?

Meanwhile Iain Dale is yet to remove one of the viler sock puppets in the business "Jonathan Cook" with his unattractive anatomical Draper diagram profile picture. It must be 12 hours or more since I requested action. Perhaps Blogger will act first?

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