Thursday, March 26, 2009

D Hannan MEP: Complete Idiot on Europe, Deregulation, Iceland

Labour List presents Fabian and Next Left blogger Sunder Katwala's debunking of the Tory muppet boy Dan Hannan (above with other would be badger-bating ultra Tories) HERE.

Now, it was obvious to me all along, I sensed it in my waters, that with the only serious Tory economy examples being Bush's Tory USA and Tory-led Iceland, that rabid Dan was holed below the waterline when he used his best student union sophistry to attack any other party or approach to the current unprecedented global banking crisis.

Ken Clarke - dubbed the Shadow Chancellor - by Harriet von Longford at DPMQs - is openly laughing behind the leadership's backs (left). They're trying to pretend that under Tory free market economics we wouldn't be in a far worse state than we find ourselves.

Sunder has gone beyond the lower gut feeling and provided the nitwit Hannan's previous on Iceland and de-regulation.

"Icelanders understand that there is a connection between living in an independent state and living independently from the state. They have no more desire to submit to international than to national regulation. That attitude has made them the happiest, freest and wealthiest people on earth."

There you go. Gordon's mistake was not following the brilliant Tory brilliant Euro-outside Icelandic/Hannan model!

The MSM in the UK have been right to ignore this dribbling fool. It was inevitably Andrew Neil's Daily Politics who first ran some of Dan's drivel. Though Neil did mention that this had been blanked by the media as Hannan is a nonentity and said nothing surprising, for a right-wing, anti-Europe, anti-EPP even, anti-regulation flibbety-gibbet.

Interesting of course that Hannan supported Cameron for the leadership on the grounds that on the QT Cam is and was a fellow traveller. Anti-Europe and anti-regulation. The price extracted was a cosying up with sub-fascist right-wingers in Europe, leaving the EPP. A party that had kicked Hannan himself out for comparing a German colleague to Adolf Hitler and the enablement of Naziism.

Sunder awards Dan with the accolade of "Tory trot". About right. But he may be going a bit far in expecting Luke Akehurst to tolerate any glimmerings of non-Lukeian thought in our party.


toronto realtor said...

Since I am from Canada and had only seen the recent video of Daniel Hannan on you tube, I don't know the whole story. But if you want your article - or blog - to gain any credibility, how about refraining from using expressions as "complete idiot" or "dribbling fool"? Because then it seems as if you had no real facts against him and all you had left was name-calling.

Take care, Julie

Chris Paul said...

Hi Julie

If you don't like name-calling then you're in the wrong place. That's what we do here. And as it's my blog and not yours ... in the nicest possible way, you can go swivel.

The facts against Hannan include:

- Bigging up de-regulation, most spectacularly in the case of Iceland
- Being the UK equivalent of a Quebecois separatist

Quoi? Quoi? As the ducks say. The fact he made a fluent rightist speech is not in itself newsworthy.

Best wishes

Chris P