Friday, March 27, 2009

Deluded Devalued Dan: "Demented Speech From Demented Party"

Thanks to Snowtwitter we discover the above item. And we're off to look at the debate at the Snowblog. Couldn't help thinking as the interviews proceeded that a clinical strike on Hannan and Iceland, or Hannan and EPP ejection over Nazi remark, or Hannan as signifier of the true Cameron agenda would have been good value.

Someone slightly more serious than the lounging, gurning, bum fluff stumble bum Derek Draper might have landed more punches? Sunder Katwala certainly had Hannan's number. But then, at the death, a great haymaker swirled out of the mumbling fuzz: "It was a demented speech from a demented party!", and fade.

The initial Mainstream Media response to the non-news of Hannan making a pissy oration - who he? so what? - was right of course. And we all know the YouTube count is bein boosted every four minutes when Hannan himself presses "Play Again" from his bunker in Godalming. Unless he's off baiting badgers on the estate of course. In which case he may have some grinning picaninny (tm Boris Johnson) to press play again for him?

What is Hannan's attendance record like by the way? And his expenses claims? Is he a text book Tax Payers Alliance millionaire? He's had two terms so by TPA calculations should have trousered at least £2 million in excess expenses.

Incidentally when I followed Hannan's link to Conservative HQ on MEP openness I found this. Marvelous. It's working Mr Cameron, it really is. Perhaps it should be this shilly shallying? And these "nothing to declare" pdf pages comprise Mr Hannan's declaration of financial interests:

Download here, or click to enlarge. When I searched for "Hannan accounts" at I got this. It's definitely working. And if Mr Hannan has an MEP homepage, rather than a Telegraph leader writer blogpage, where his link from the euparl page redirects, it's not showing. Surely he's not just using his MEP salary and expenses as pin money to supplement the meagre wages of sin at the Telegraph?

UPDATE Sat 18:24: Hannan's hypocritical rant has now received over a million hits. The following from Unions Together will no doubt catch up eventually:

Meanwhile Nick Griffin accuses Hannan etc of stealing his fascist clothes and predicts armageddon. HEALTH WARNING: It's 60 minutes. It's on the BNP site.


Anonymous said...

Chris Paul is a deluded dickhead.


jailhouselawyer said...

I wonder who wrote Dan Hannan's speech?

Chris Paul said...

Cheers to anon 18:23. There's nothing like displaying 100% of your intellect in five words. Good work.

Chris Paul said...

I'd expect that Dan Hannan wrote his own speech John. Probably first wrote it about 25 years ago for a a mock election at Marlborough College. Just dusted it off and updated it. Delete Healey insert Brown, that sort of thing.

jailhouselawyer said...

Chris: In any event, I took your photo of Hitler giving his speech and somehow he lost his head and in a mix up Dan Hannan's head found itself on Hitler's shoulders...

Chris Paul said...