Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells: Hoist By Own Petard

Further to Iain's tantrums about MP address confidentiality, which I covered right here, the great man himself was on, Sadly being a bit too pissy for his own good. But still, in these "commenter crunch" days it was good to have some company. Benchill Tory also most welcome, naturally.

1. When I called Iain "Disgusted of Tonbridge Wells" here at my blog I made a grevious error of which I am very ashamed indeed.

2. Tonbridge, as in T Wells, is in fact spelled Tunbridge. I should like to apologise to all Tunbridge Wellians and what's more Tonbridgians for this calamitous error and do hope that no postal misdirections or failures to find their way home afflict the same.

[Turns out Tunbridge Wells was so spelled because it was named after Tonbridge. Tonbridge used to be spelled like that, Tunbridge. Here we have Iain at Tonbridge, long before he became station master. Interesting facts and video about Iain's country seat.]

3. Iain was right about this, though sadly he avoided answering a straight question about Sir Fred Goodwin's home address, relevance of, which he had spuriously introduced in his post as some kind of relational dog whistle. Labour = hide MPs addresses, allow Thatcherite greed double whammy. Strangely enough Tories voted 2-1 in favour of confidentiality, LDs most against, Labour close to 50:50. Interesting. Presumably Iain thinks that like MPs Sir Fred should have 2am visits, unspeakable through letterbox, horses heads in bed etc?

4. Instead he went offensive with some assertions about Company Directors addresses - I don't know whether SFG is a Director or not - but which are clearly not true.

5. I knew myself already that Directors could get this information removed from most company search facilities simply by asking and showing good cause. I knew that this autumn confidentiality at Companies House itself would be easier to obtain. And I knew that it could already be obtained.

6. I did however suggest that a Court Order was needed.

7. In fact as Barrack Room Lawyer has pointed out, with references, the Secretary of State can grant confidentality to vulnerable Directors who give an address for service of their choosing, and a court is only needed if Mandy or predecessors refused unreasonably. That particular guidance came in on 2 April 2002.

Poor Iain's only gone and apologised or more accurately self-justified at Tom Harris' blog for a comment being allowed to stand. That comment was in fact on someone else's blog. Tom Harris' blog! This reminded me of a song I once knew through my sister endlessly blasting it out at the old joanna, by the spurned Carly Simon.

Iain asks Tom how he could ever think that Iain would allow such a thing. Actually that would because nasty comments do get left standing from time to time. Including a repeated use of a nasty profile picture involving Derek Draper by a loathsome sock puppet. Iain's been asked to turf him off, on Sunday last, but hasn't been bothered.

Tom Harris MP incidentally is not quite with the programme on Company Director's actual and increasing options for confidentiality.

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The Grim Reaper said...

For someone who dislikes Iain Dale so much, you sure do write an awful lot in your blog about him. Is there something you're not telling us about yourself, Chris?

As for Jonathan Cook's picture of Dolly Draper, who gives a crap? The only person who ultimately has any right to complain about that is Derek himself - and as far as I know, he hasn't. Either way, Dolly isn't a particularly easy man to like, is he?