Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Eric Pickles Is Trouble: HoP Guest Commits Police Assault?

David Singleton passes on news of the word in the corridors of power that one of Eric Pickles' guests may be guilty of police assault. Can Eric hang on? Political gaffes meme.


Anonymous said...

And for all those who believe in the Tories competence to run the economy - a little quiz.

Who is the Tory MP who:

- is often wheeled out on economic matters to lecture everyone on good financial practice
- many Tories would like to see in the shadow cabinet
- is a director and significant shareholder in a company for which he signs the accounts
- where the company has never made a profit in any of the 6 accounting periods for which accounts have been filed and has made a loss of £12.4m on a turnover of £93.5m over the last 3 reported years

Clue - he travels on the same train as Mr Dale - but gets off before him to go to his second home while Mr Dale is going to his first home, probably at a later hour.

Answers on a postcard to G Osborne - he needs all the help he can get.

Play Up Pompeii said...

Have you ever signed any accounts, Chris?

Chris Paul said...

Quite often PUP. Have you? And who are you anyway? Cowardly lion, tin man, scarecrow? All three.

Chris Paul said...

Anon: is the Tory losing money really or through some clever accountancy?

Anonymous said...

No really losing money - the MP shouldn't be signing the accounts if they don't give a true and fair view - the company concerned has a lot of leverage and perhaps there is something wrong with its business model - these are not faults that are confined to the banking sector.