Monday, March 16, 2009

Guardian Equality Chart: Gordon Should Fix Tory Wealth Grab

We mentioned the Guardian's Equality chart HERE and now we've found the PDF of it HERE or you can click to enlarge.

Even without enlarging I think you can tell that those Tories have got a flipping cheek when they talk about equality reducing under Labour.

It's wibbled around a bit is true. But the step change towards more unfairness was the Thatch. Sorting it out PDQ is the LOL recommendation.

Hat tip: Luke Akehurst who weaves this in to a treatise on his co-anniversaryist Mikail Gorbachev.

Who - Mikail, not Luke - has pride of place on the House of LOL Kitchen wall. Though it's not quite what you may think from that bare fact.

Publicity poster for a poster exhibition named "Sign of the Times" at Brno, London and Manchester.

Featuring felines, but it is not this one. Which says: "Out of Vietnam!", because naturally the Soviets disapproved of international adventures.

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