Saturday, March 07, 2009

Hello! Ding Dong!: Get your Tweets Out For The Boys!

Success for Laydeez Man Derek Draper as his "Dolly's Dollies" theme day attracts the attention of ding dong Guardian angel Gaby Hinsliff. Applauding his celebrated Get Your Tweets Out For The Boyz day over at Labour List. On Monday! For one day only!

Guest Editor for this International Ladies' Day special, the blonde pouting knock out Rowenna Davis, has already escaped from the kitchen sink long enough to lay down the riot grrrl act in a provocation to all full-blooded Labour bulls. They'll see Red I tell you Rowenna! Take your put upon strident diesel fem tokenism away, there's a dear.

Harpies all - Jen Pufky, Laura Penny, Stella Creasy and Eduard Bernstein - have already burned their virtual brassieres.

"Or what have you" these days, I'll have to say. And that was mostly on Friday!

That's Man Friday girls! Still one of our designated 364 International Men's Days last time I looked.

Don't think we didn't notice! We're not completely thick you know! Not all of us! The Lib Dems and Tories don't get this "Women's Lib Nonsense" at all.

But we Labour Men know we need some babes for show. Showgirls even! Whoops, sorry loves! Shouldn't really have said that.

FIRST NOBLE LORD: "Hello! Ding dong! Some wine spritzers over here for these l-o-v-er-ly ladies, "Derek's Dollies" I'll call 'em!"
FIRST SHOWGIRL: "Oooh, Sir! What lovely teeth you have!"
SECOND NOBLE LORD: "Oooh, I say! You gorgeous little actress-model-showgirl-minx you! Not hiding your lights under a bushel now are you!"
SECOND SHOWGIRL: "Oooh, you are awful! But I like you!"
FIRST SHOWGIRL: "What time do I knock off? Sir! What would the Baroness say?"
FIRST NOBLE LORD: My wife? Mother of my children? Breadwinner? Doesn't understand me!"
ALL: [Action/CGI FX Wink, leer, wink, nudge nudge.]

Hat tip for our main pic of Labour Lords Davies of Coity and Brookman getting into the spirit: Guardian diarist Hugh Muir. Peter Luff MP etc at ACP event HERE.

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