Wednesday, March 11, 2009

He's Just a Lib Dem Dirtbag 4: Hennigan's Muppets Daub and Run?

And Power and Swarbrick (above, looking sheepish)? What did they get up to? We may never know for sure. But they are pictured above lurking with a camera in a car park. And having been rumbled they turned on their heels and ran away!! They had been sneaking daylight pictures of some typical-for-Rochdale shenanigans. Perhaps the flash hadn't worked the night before.

Here, if we pull back a little, showing the view of the dynamic duo snapped from an upstairs window at Labour's HQ. So what on earth were they looking at and recording for posterity? And why on earth did they run away?

Can you guess what it is yet? Can you? Oh alright then. Here you go. Vandalism, criminal damage, spraying tags on the opposition's HQ:

The lamp post reflected in the window is one and the same as the one foreground in picture two. There will be more. Of that you can be sure. News hourly, on the hour. Though Working Time directive insists on lunch hour ... coming up.


RAW - Rochdale's Alternative Website said...

A bit of grafitti analysis:

Very, very neat writing. All upper case and no transitions to lower case.

No text speak or other youth'amisms.

No speeling mistakes - see the tricky word "deceit"
i before e except after a c if the sounding is e.

A styalised 's' in the "THIS IS".

arrow pointing to the front door.

Emphasis on the capitalisation of the main words - LCRDTL.

The height of the first line is about 1.3 metres. Was the person that wrote this over 5'9" ?

Not the work of a yoof.
It has the feel and timbre of beat poetry. 'Beat the meat' rather than Ginsberg.

Probably not the work of someone asked to do a favour who is not conversant with some local politics.

Painted sometime on Sunday?
Police enquiries could get a result with a bit of mobile phone cell and car registration plate analysis, cctv review and tip off.

Chris Paul said...

Good work RAW

As these things go it is also remarkably well planne

(if that works I'll be surprised!)

Whoever did it doesn't actually know enough about local politics to know who the real liars and cheats are in this town.

Or they are Lib Dems ... lying and cheating as they spray the words.

Barack Obama said...

Is that the Adam Power who lists me as his favourite politician on Facebook?

We Democrats don't need the support of people like you. I've read all about your shenanigans in Kevin Maguire's Daily Mirror column.

And do you honestly go out canvassing dressed like that? Swarbrick in brown chords and a dirty flasher mac. And you looking like a chunky Milk Tray man.

I'm surprised you haven't been locked up.

Anonymous said...

"Milk Tray man"


If chunky Adam manages to sneak up anyone's back passage and creep through the window, lets hope he doesn't leave his own special calling card on the pillow.

But as a pair, Swarbrick and Power do look like the couple famous for other chocolate/eyebrow related japes.

Anonymous said...

"brown Chords"? Barack

Don't you mean brown "cords" as in corduroy, as in creepy old geography teacher type person?

Or Chords as in high notes? As in singing like a canary after Spanker Cyril gets a firm grip of the issue?

Anonymous said...

Is that scruffy little man on the left John Swarbrick?

He's the guy the Lib Dems put up as a candidate in Bamford?!!

How did they ever think they would take a Tory seat in Bamford by presenting Compo from last of the sumer wine as their candidate?!!

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RAW - Rochdale's Alternative Website said...

Dave Otterwell's blog seems to have the dynamic duo's photo on it.

another triumph for those funded by the taxpayer.