Sunday, March 08, 2009

World's Best Dressed: Charity Donates to Ladies Who Lunch

In celebration of International Ladies Day the Mail on Sunday scoop the poop on Charlie's Prince's Trust giving a small five-figure sum to the Tory Laydeez. Which breaks all the rules for Charities. Ridiculously so. How could any of them be so stupid? Even for dim Royals and dim Tories this is off the scale. Hat tip: Conservative Home.

Meanwhile Oliver Marre leads the Observer's Pendennis diary with a tale of a Tory tail wagging a dog that really should know better. The British Museum have allowed a pair of Tory-minded donors to invite some nonentity mate of theirs rather than anyone actually distinguished, or Royal, or connected with the government - who are one would have thought their biggest donor of all - to open their new galleries.

The Jill and Paul Ruddock galleries, to be opened by that great Museum piece of secret Thatcherism - the Leader of the Opposition. Following the Ruddock wikio link shows he's has been in and out of the news a lot as being at the more embarrassing end of the hedgie spectrum.

Oliver says Gordon Brown tried to butter him up also. In the days before the sky fell on our heads it seems Gordon appointed Paul Chair of Trustees at the V and A. Unlike elephants snakes and geckoes have very short memories indeed.

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