Monday, April 13, 2009

Iain Dale and Nadine Dorries: Admit to Smear Campaign

Top Tory Boy Blogger Iain Dale has admitted that he and Nadine Dorries MP have been smearing and defaming Tom Watson MP by asserting as fact that he was in on the McBride-Draper debacle. Nadine has even claimed that Gordon Brown personally wanted her smeared because of some tummy rot she'd put on her blog. That too is defamation. Funniest of all is that the pair of them are on their high horses that Tom Watson MP should think he has any right to protection from smearage, or that the BBC should politely request that studio guests don't smear people on air.

I'm not sure how Derek Draper has found his way into their blog headlines alongside Tom Watson. That juxtaposition too looks like a smear.


Bob Piper said...

Strangely, Chris, Dale once accused you of being obsessed with him. He said the same thing to Tim Ireland. But with 20 different posts and references to Derek Draper over the last 3 days, I was wondering... do you think Iain is obsessed with Draper... or is it unrequited love?

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Ah! Back to the libel, eh?

Of course, you'd be behaving in exactly the same way if it were the nasty Tories who were planning to smear innocent lammikins Brown. And you'd definitely believe that Cameron or whoever had NOTHING to do with it, wouldn't you?

Scary Biscuits said...

Chris, you and other scum apologists simply don't get it do you? (1) Iain Dale or anybody else is perfectly within his rights to smear Watson or anybody else. Reason = taxpayers aren't forced to pay for it. (2) Branding Dale et al as a racist etc. is part of normal political banter (if not very nice). Making up stories involving vibrators or picking on wives with zero political profile crosses the line.

You idiot.

Chris Paul said...

So, scary biscuits, we have a situation where Dale and Dorries are complaining about being smeared by way of slanderous/libelous/unevidenced assertions made to an apparent email audience of three giggling chummies?

But they think it's good tactics to smear and slander and libel and make unevidenced assertions about someone else? To their often overstated blog audiences but also to hundreds of thousands nay millions on various TV/R news outlets. Is that it?

If it's defamation it's defamation whoever is paying for the actor's time. Obviously Nadine is being paid by the taxpayer and if that's your argument, you lose anyway.

Draper branded Dale as an apologist for racism not as a racist. He branded Guido and Guido's crew as racist but has in effect retracted the first part of this.

I've still not seen the emails. And I don't know who made up which stories. Do you? My impression is that much of McBride's oeuvre was collation of existing gossip.

I'm not sure why vibrators need to be put into a special class here. People use vibrators right? Even MPs use them. It's not as if that is a more damaging thought than say adultery. It all comes down to whether things are true for one and can be proved for two. Does Dorries object to the sex toy smear or the adultery smear more?

Obviously attacking non-combatants is complete anathema. And whether combatants or non-combatants I think the whole mental health and also sexuality areas need to be avoided - unless the individuals are hypocrites or rule-breakers in the last case.

I've personal experience of a drink-addled and very sleazy Lib Dem in the NW doing this to me. Involving non-combatant family members. With smears against them. And there's a pattern of doing this to others too. Trying to get people (volunteers when it comes to politics) sacked with lies. Smearing people who are truthing as smearers too.

And you should note that this is actually DOING the smear. Not just THINKING of doing it. Dale and Dorries are actually DOING the SMEAR. And providing a running commentary for the fact that they're just making things up.

I'm glad McBride is gone. I've called for Draper to go. I think Fawkes is an immoral sleazer and hypocrite. It's obvious he's the one who's put this out. We're now also hearing the sleazer Angus McNeil trying to get some attention by condemning sleaze smears. While introducing some new smears himself.

I think Iain is a bit soft not least because he put up a quote of the day only recently suggesting that thinking stuff is irrelevant, it's action that counts. He's changed his tune.

He may also have advised Nadine. I've no idea why she came out as a smearee. She would probably not have been identified if she had not done so. Two explanations come to mind:

1. She is stupid and badly advised;

2. She deliberately went to the danger because she likes the limelight and/or thinks it advances her career.

I may be an idiot at times but I'm not apologising for McBride and Draper, though in mitigation they appear to have backed off at the brink.

You're not only a witless idiot but you haven't got the guts to write in your own name.