Thursday, April 30, 2009

Smear Buster Guido: Confirms George Osborne as Tory McBride

NOTE: I'm posting this now, without all the links and pictures, because I'm told the biggest boy in the political blogosphere is calling me names! Who'd have thunk it?!

We were a little taken aback when Smear-Buster-in-Chief Paul Staines aka Guido Fawkes, Mister GuF to his friends reprinted a Brogan blogpost which essentially claimed (a) that Damian McBride is a sweetheart and (b) that George Osborne is the Tory equivalent in political intelligence, and nous, and bile, and seeing what's next.

It's been hard to see GOO as anything but a Bullingdon Bully Boy, a voyeur in an S&M Madame's Back Parlour, an accused coke head, and an incredibly weak and jumpy Shadow Chancellor. But apparently he's the swash buckling McBride of the Conservatives.

Yesterday it again fell to Smear-Buster Guido to point out this well disguised "attack dog" mentality. For as well as having called the Prime Minister "autistic" Smear-Buster Guido has caught GOO naming him as "Mad Hatter" too.

In a former life Smear-Buster Guido has been cruel enough a la McBride to run an "Is Brown Bonkers?" campaign. He can't have had a chance to freshen up his graphics now he is on the run from McBridivism as he is still using it.

Smear-Buster Guido bigged up the Bunny Boiling Psycho Babbler and ex-City Girl Loopy Lucy Beresford when she came up with seven shades of unprofessional claptrap. Drip drip dripping the poison.

Recently of course we've seen Smear-Buster Guido bigging up some re-heated lobby droppings of the unattributed kind by suggesting that because the "Laser Printer off a desk" story about a story had been secreted in a piece on Bloomberg - who always double source their stories about stories from a minimum of two loose-tongued lobby feeders - that it must be true.

There's been the Nokia throwing meme of course. And some long running shit about rocking horses. And the joyful japery of that "Cyclops" banter. And Smear-Buster Guido continually refers to the World's Chancellor as "the Prime Mentalist".

Then of course there was Nadine Dorries MP. She excused herself for making the Prime Ministers "Private" letter to her available to the newspapers ... wait for it ... because she had already made it available to ITN! That's OK then. Well done Nadine! Good to see some proper standards. And you born in a Council House and all. Well done.

Must have been gutted though when the charlatan tea leaf reader "graphologist" gave Brown a clean bill of mental health when his felt tippery was put under her "expert" scrutiny.

Again, provided with this ammunition by loverly Nadine, the loverly Post-Smear crew jeered at Brown's careful penmanship, even though it is widely appreciated that his choice of pen and his handwriting are a function of his disability.

LOL are yet to see any sensible explanation as to why Nadine Dorries outed herself as Tory MP X in the putative, silly-idea, never published Red Rag smears. But she really has been like a pig-in-shit these past few weeks. She has it seems outed herself. And she is enjoying every moment of it. That is all wrong. Surely?

But has the Tory McBride (tm Ben Brogan) George Osborne put Nadine up to this? I don't think these "permalinks" actually work yet. Despite all the Communications Allowance money that has poured into Nadine's web presence. With 90% of the activity AT LEAST in the supposedly unfunded-by-the-taxpayer "Blog". But leaving aside this towering blog-foolery you'll need to scroll down to Nadine's "Mad or Sad?" post of Tuesday.

Oh, what the hell, I'll repeat it verbatim. In which the supposedly magnificent nurse and former BUPA Director - with a special interest in gynaecology - doth show that she doesn't know her hustera from her ginglymus. And in which the Post-Smear Champion accuses her friend Kevin Maguire of being of the Toten Hosen persuasion, this being the only possible reason he might have for calling Madame "mad", in the colloquial, non-clinical sense naturally:

Mad or Sad?
Posted by Nurse Racket, Tuesday, 28 April 2009 at 13:54

I once wrote a blog entitled Hysteria-ectomy. It is a universal truth that when a man who is inadequate, in a number of areas, meets a woman who achieves, his first line of attack is to describe her as 'mad'. It has ever been thus.

You can bet your life it wasn't a woman who named the operation, which removed that which makes women unique, a Hysterectomy, linking the womb to hysteria. No, that will definitely have been a man.

The left wing Mayor of Bedford frequently refers to me as 'Mad Nad'. Something which I am not and is incorrect.
Now if I were to describe him as overweight, sweaty, unpleasant, shrill and politically opportune, I would be entirely correct; however, I choose not to operate at his level and simply always refer to him as 'Mayor'.

Apparently, Kevin Maguire described me as mad on the Sky paper review last night. During the 80s, Kevin, during his days as the labour (as in work) correspondent for the Telegraph, and mine as a businesswoman, was the very first journalist to interview me. He certainly didn't think I was mad when he frequently telephone-chased me for information to pad out his column.

In my experience, I would say that if you ever see or hear a man calling a woman 'mad', take a closer look.

If his failings are not obvious and external, then I'm afraid there will be only one conclusion to reach.

As an act of kindness, may I suggest you whisper in his ear that there are tablets available for such problems these days, and maybe it's he who needs to visit a doctor.

She's loverly I tell you. A smear free zone. And definitely not clinically mad. Only colloquially. And she is categorically NOT overly brainy. Don't you dare say that about her again.

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