Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday Times Reveal: But Which Tory MP Has Nads Not Shagged?

There are some serious low-lights in The Sunday Times' much-trailed McBride Tory-sleaze dossier. So far at least there is no "obscenity" and the scurrilousness rarely creeps over borderline, particularly remembering that (a) none of this guff was actually blogged on Red Rag, apparently a shelved project; and (b) according to veteran hack John Torode most has been Westminster gossip for months.

This is what the apparently nonsensical comment from Nads (Nadine Dorries MP)- "slanderous therefore libelous" - has been about! Those nasty Tories have come back from an away day telling ridiculous tales out of school in the tea room.

Now, thanks to Staines, we're all wondering which is this married MP in the Tory ranks that Nadine has categorically NOT SHAGGED?

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