Saturday, May 23, 2009

Andrew MacKay: Claims 75% Support, The Lumley Stands By

The BBC story that goes with the above VT is HERE. Andrew MacKay, the Tory MP who conspired with his wife the Tory MP Anne Kirkbride (and he claims the Fees Office), to rip off the people by each having equal and opposite "main" and "second" homes, seems pretty unrepentant. But will be subject to full re-selection procedure. He should be cashiered. As should his former Telegraph hack accomplice who is getting an easy ride.

Bracknell could be an excellent seat for The Lumley. Even now the Gurkhas await marching orders to the constituency of The Lumley's choice. And when she is "done foaming" she can become Lady Bracknell. "A Scumbag?" she could ask Mr MacKay. Hat tip re BBC: Guido.

MEANWHILE: Dizzy is first to blog the Dorries blog Downfall. Google Has the Cache for Questions. Essentially the raving mythomaniac Nadine Dorries MP (for the time being) called out some big boys - The Barclay Brothers - accusing them of being behind a McCarthy-like Witch Hunt to further their imagined interests in helping instal a UKIP and the BNP government ... As Guido suggested - Nadine needs a holiday.

But should she take it in her "main home". This is 'through the wardrobe' in the spare bedroom of her Mid Narnia "second home" or in the RMI declared investment home in South Africa, which she denies owning, or perhaps at daughter Pippa Storm's London pad - with said daughter having perhaps been able to trade up when she was lucky enough to get a top job, belying her inexperience, in the Mother of Parliaments?

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