Thursday, May 28, 2009

Breaking News: Finally, Julie Kirkbride Does The Right Thing

It's been a right old circus hasn't it? In many ways Julie Kirkbride is an impressive individual. Cool under fire, articulate if a little unrealistic in her arguments, and with that good portfolio of snappy snaps. And let's not forget that sharp yellow blouson jacket. Perhaps there's been a colour consultant on the taxpayer too? Because that's a departure from that grey to brown palette evidenced by her Google archive (example below).

But she really did have to go. Just like that 2004 perm (right).All the revelations of the last week aside she was doomed over the lack of any "main home" at all. Fundamentally she and Mackay were "at it" to milk the combined family ACA 'til the teets squeaked and squealed.

Sister teleworking in Dorset? Not a problem from my point of view if the output is demonstrable. Brother providing childcare in exchange for digs? More problematic I'd say, but still not the sea to drink. Those snaps? Now the Timpsons own Max Spielman/PhotoMax we can look forward to more cost effective portfolio offerings. It is the fundamental absence of the main home that did for her I'd say. The rest is froth.

As Kirkbride herself argued she could have moved home to maintain her ACA revenue stream for her so called "second home". She's right. It's the fact there's no "main home" that is the fundamental dishonesty problem here. Having a son at some boarding prep school I'll be bound doesn't provide cover for that.

Also in this category: Dear Dorries with no coherent "main home" narrative. And plenty more to raise eyebrows besides. Still not sure about that "table drier". Her vicious, ridiculous and now it's emerging extremely disingenuous attack on her Labour opponent is just the cheery crimson cherry on the icing of her fruit and nut cake.

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