Saturday, May 16, 2009

Common Sense Prevails: Teresa Pearce, PPC For Erith

Seems like my just-for-fun poll and my predictions too - pretty much on the money. It was I think inevitable that Angela Cornforth's transfers would go almost entirely to her Kentish neighbour Teresa Pearce, right with the sitting MP John Austin, and not to the posh parachutist Georgia Gould, whose day will of course come.

Duncan Hall aka Doctor Dunc has reported former Bexley Councillor Teresa Pearce's victory over the young Nepotista, over at Labour Home.

When there are more details we'll relay them.

There was a very strong field of candidates. As Dunc and an early commenter remarked there'll be a good few selections, both expected and unexpected, to go at over the next few months.

Only question now for LOL is whether to assist the authorities with their enquiries over the busted cardboard box, or let it lie?

FOOTNOTE 19:53: As we mentioned I think the Gouldilocks crew had a 'by invitation only' meeting on the Credit Crunch. I've just noticed this smart response to a daft prank.

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