Friday, May 15, 2009

Erith and Thamesmead Selection: Trouble Shooting 3

The HQ Interventions - Bluffer's Guide

Intervention A, Making this an AWS - Top marks for NEC. This had to be an AWS and there was and is no shortage of suitable women candidates. Tick VG.

Intervention B, Replacing Procedures Secretary - Top marks in principle for stopping any suggestion of an inside track for one of the candidates. Someone other than an assumed backer of another candidate might have been better. But at least Ray Collins is not actually somebody's campaign manager. Tick OK.

Intervention C, Letting the Long List roll over - This one is a puzzle to me. Not prepared to award another "Top Marks" when I don't understand this. Cutting to four or five candidates, six at a stretch would have been more usual. Sorry, we'll have to come back to this.

Intervention D, Failing to Protect the Postal Votes (x2) - Storing the copious postal votes in a cardboard box in a locked cupboard at the heart of the professional Labour Party operation, with pass-controlled access and all, must have seemed pretty sound. No chance of person or persons unknown interfering with the votes. As if that was ever likely? Wrong! And Wrong! We'll have to come back to this too.

Intervention E, Replacing the Procedures Chair - Back to top marks. Well-respected knockabout London AM Len Duvall appointed to chair hustings in place of over-wrought CLP Chair. Fair enough. No problem with that at all. Tick VG.

Intervention F, Not Tackling the Excessive Postal Voting - Although there were calls for a fresh start, including at the very top independent Labour group blog, and no, I know you'll be surprised, but I don't actually mean Labour List, I think the decision to press on is fine. Sticking with the existing PV roster is controversial. And any extension of PVs beyond that already bloated list would be a serious provocation.

Even legendary ruthless PV "roundhead" warriors Stephen Twigg or Peter Wheeler wouldn't go there. Surely not? But nonetheless it looks like we'll have to come back to that one too.

Which is three positives, and three not so sure's. Could be worse I suppose. Back in about 30 minutes.

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