Sunday, May 17, 2009

Euro Election Wipe Out!: Getting Independent on Sunday?

Guido added a comment to Iain's partial gathering of the headlines, suggesting that if Iain did Sleaze on Sunday, an alternative to Guido's own habitual Sunday Sleaze, that GuF'd be starting with a Douzaine du Jour a la Daley Dozen. Meanwhile in place of the advertised programme - the afore-mentioned SS - Guido is joining Lord Tebbit in a call for general punishment of the main party sleazers. HERE.

This falls down rather of course when we consider UKIP's not so fine European record in this regard. They're either in jail, or they only attend once a month to pass GO! and collect their c £20,000 a month, allegedly (c) TaxPayersAlliance. The Independent on Sunday provide the graphic. And the polling evidence. With "none of the above" on a super soaraway 40%.

Funnily enough I bumped into Brian Candeland one of our longest standing Greens only last evening. Delivering leaflets. Very nice man. Known him for more than 25 years from early City Life and International Labour Reports days ... Brian was extremely buoyant and thought that his own mottley crew could beat the BNP, perhaps even win a seat. Amen to the former, latter unlikely I'd have said.

In 2004 the BNP would have won the 10th seat I believe and the Greens possibly the 12th or even 13th. This time there are just eight seats. Turnout is key.

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