Monday, May 18, 2009

EXCLUSIVE: Blogger and YouTube Ban Moston Muppet

Here's a start for this exclusive story. Blogger have responded to complaints of race hate by pulling the plug on the blog of Manchester's Moston Muppet Web who calls himself the "Moston Martyr", here turning up and saying nothing on the interesting 'Islam is War' group blog, not what you might expect, and this Moston Martyr has received an extraordinary amount of rather uncritical attention from the MSM.

Faced with similar complaints YouTube have pulled the rug from under Moston Muppet TV (and this one). There's the hate not hope they took into account. Update Tues 10:14, see Vidpod graphic, there is the nominal excuse of a copyright claim over stolen images tunes. And then both the mendacity and misery of the video and the hateful outbursts in the comments have attracted attention.

Moston Muppet's story is that they are NOT a BNP shill and are in fact the fabled "former Labour voter". They are of course BNP from head to toe. With the BNP mirroring the lie that they are not? - nothing but confirmation:

An extraordinary video lamenting the decline of Moston has achieved wide circulation on the internet, much to the consternation of local Labour councillors. Although “Moston Martyr”, the author of “A Lament for Moston” is not a member of Manchester BNP, we agree with much of his incisive analysis of Moston’s problems and his clear identification of those to blame for them. The second half of the “Lament for Moston” video is especially shocking and poignant and can be viewed HERE.

Unfortunately not. The miserable Moston Muppet video has been attacked not only for it's cynical hate politics but also for the humungous dishonesty and illiteracy of its craft.

Long, long sequences of boarded up terraced houses are shown to be nothing but a clumsily edited loop repeated over and over again. Seems like 20 times. Though I've not counted. There are but a few such houses in Moston and New Moston. Muppety Moron however is trying to make the whole place out to be a ghost town. Rubbish!

And the supposed African usurpers featured by the Moston Muppet supposedly spilling onto and swamping the streets of Moston? Shocking and poignant? No, misrepresented nonsense. These are believed to be nicked sequences, also I believe repeated, certainly not from Moston, and some say actually from Africa. In fact the Lebensraum Liar actually told the truth on this ... stock images, due to respecting people's privacy, ho ho:

... If you had any knowledge of the law with regard to photographing people, without thier consent, you'd be aware that it would have been wrong for me to use photo's just taken willy nilly. I've used a couple of stock photo's for illustrative purposes. I could have used actual pictures taken in Moston of large groups of African males hanging about outside their shops on Kenyon Lane.

Most Moston people welcome the regeneration and will find the Moston Moron's lies and distortions very unpleasant; most have been immigrants themselves or as a family within a generation or two. LOL understand of course that backing regeneration is not universal. But thinks: Eggs and omelettes may be a good metaphor?

One person opportunistically opposing any and all remodeling of failing estates and neighbourhoods is one Derek "The Fash" Adams. His specialities being (a) bandwagon jumping and (b) intrusive videoing and (c) having a Fash Wagon and (d) having a dick "this tiny" - please imagine bespectacled anti-fash woman holding thumb and index finger up to her eye and at best 1cm apart. Please see footnote.

Derek is the licensee of a failing public house on the Oldham Road, in Miles Platting I suppose, saved only by some heavy drinking BNP thug regulars, for Derek "The Fash" Adams is a regular BNP candidate. Perhaps he just fell into hard right politics simply to boost his drooping trade?

The social housing immediately around this BNP blight on the landscape has inevitably spiraled down from hard-to-let, to rats-wear-boiler-suits, to voids, to condemned. And now the pub too, that's Manky Fash HQ, is for the wrecking ball! Hurrah!

But Derek is not best pleased. And he is implying that the Council are doing this Compulsory Purchase Order thing not because his pub is a vermin-ridden mess on a site that could be a key regeneration anchor - in the right hands. But just because he is a profiteer, bleeding the BNP foot soldiers dry, as well as a Nazi candidate.

What rot! The Ace of Fascists is a rodent-ridden shit-hole controlled by a profiteering little Nazi with attitude. Holding the local community back. Should have been torn down years ago.

UPDATE, FOR THE AVOIDANCE OF DOUBT: Derek "The Fash" Adams, point (d) reflects an actual incident in which an anti-fash woman taunted Dezzer thusly at an election count in 2004. Perhaps you had to be there? LOL do not pretend to have carnal knowledge of this nasty slimeball.


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