Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fraser Nelson: It's Greedy Tories Spotlighting Cam Scam

The News of the Screws are reporting that Dave Cameron himself has gamed the Allowances guidance via a £75,000 remortgage to maxx his expenses take while paying down the mortgage on his main home in London - RIGHT HERE.

Fraser Nelson comments ...

"Hundreds of MPs accept (the chance of a second home on the taxpayer) - and David Cameron is one of them. It's something he says is "perfectly reasonable".

"But it's strange how something reasonable six months ago looks a bit dodgy now. That's why Cam's enemies scent blood.

"... And when I say "enemies" I don't just mean Labour MPs. A few of the Tory old guard are pointing the finger too."

MEANWHILE IN THE MAIL ON SUNDAY: Spread betting gazillionaire Sir Stuart Wheeler has offered Cam a little wager. £100,000 says Cam won't do anything much about the treatystution.


tory boys never grow up said...

Wonder what he spent the £75k on - should but quite a lot of duck islands.

And of course he keeps quiet about the c£300k gain he will have made on his Cotswold cottage (doesn't Nadine have one of those as well) courtesy of the tax payer funded loan he was provided with.

This trick of using the tax payer to fund larger than necessary mortgages on 2nd homes is of course the fiddle of choice among the more financially astute Tories (the squirearchy were just too thick to work it out - or perhaps they were just more honest in that they actaully declared what the money was actaully spent on in the end?). It was reported recently that Michael Fallon not only had to have a 2nd home near Westminster because he couldn't face the lengthy commute from Sevenoaks - but he had to upgrade from his previous £350k hovel near Westminster to a £750k model back in 2006 - with much help being provided a larger taxpayer funded mortgage. And he was also the man that approved a massive discretionary bonus for the CEO of Tullets where he heads the remuneration committee; that is in between lecturing everyone else on financial probity on the Treasury Select Committee. And it should be remembered that he had to give up his position as a front bench treasury spokesman because he was conflicted in opposing the minimum wage because he employed people at levels below the then proposed minimum wage in group of companies where he was and still is a director.

Chris Paul said...

Er, Nadine doesn't have a Cotswolds Cottage, no. She lost her shirt on a couple of investment properties there, installing uPVC conservatories and windows, plus South Fork style staitcases in Grade I listed buildings in the process. Any property in "Chiselling Expenses" in the Cotswolds is her ex- Paul's bachelor pad, is all.

Main home is clearly the one in Woburn she says is her "second home". What does the Duke of Bedford know about that one? Does she get a tied cottage on his estate for being his MP?