Thursday, May 21, 2009

Iain Dale Apology: Tory Blogger Boy Must Out Labour Smear Doctor

Iain Dale has published an explanation of how he had tried very hard to change his Mail piece when alerted to the stone facts that this defamed Tom Watson MP and was factually inaccurate. "Mea Culpa" he says.

This is all very well. But Iain had been repeating this same smear live on TV and radio several times in some appearances and all day. Never mind the detail of some tooings and froings at around press time. He'd been repeating these mistakes all day! As did Nadine Dorries MP. And of course Paul Staines had to have the plug pulled him and an on air apology when he not only repeated similar but also smeared Peter Hain on that same day.

I'll have to check when I have more time. But I do seem to recall pointing out this smearage pretty much as it happened. But did Iain check the facts? No he did not.

Not to mention a general drip, drip, drip of smearage that is less specific but nasty for example about the health of the Prime Minister and such like. Particularly from Guido and his crew. But in general. Including from Shadow Spokespeople in mass media interviews.

When the behaviour you're attacking is stupid and juvenile and obscene and inappropriate (but actually unrealised) smearing from Damian McBride via Derek Draper it seems quite extraordinary to get stuck in with smearage covering some of those bases against 3rd parties, even with information from so-called so-called reliable sources.

As I recall Iain Dale also repeated the claim that McBride and Draper had not shelved their stupid japes. Claiming they still planned to use the material even a few days before the revelations. Claiming that emails would prove this as well. Even I found this Tory crews repeated claims on this one quite compelling. I suggested that Comrade Draper check every single email that had crossed his desktop and be ready for the worst.

But as far as I know that claim has never been stood up. It may well have come from the same source. And the supposed smear campaign against Dale and Fawkes didn't amount to much either. Perhaps Iain can apologise for repeating that too? Whatever he may say Iain Dale is not a great one for an apology or even a correction. The records show this. I'd expect his mortal enemy Tm Ireland to be adding to the great portfolio of apologies not made even as I tap.

As we all know now, even if we did not know then, we did though, there is a hell of a lot of smearage going on within parties as well as between parties.

If Iain Dale's supposedly high-up, I'd wager low down, and about 5 foot nothing in heels if I were a gamblng man, and reliable Labour source was "at it" smearing Watson Iain should surely now "out" that despicable person and let them be kicked out of whatever position(s) it is they may hold?

That is after all the righteous behaviour he and Fawkes and others demanded of the cretinous, venal etc etc lobby journalists. The hacks must have felt both horror and hilarity being lectured about smearage by Paul Staines. But here's a direct challenge to Iain Dale.

Out this "high level" Labour smear doctor immediately. Just as you said the lobby should have done to McBride.

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