Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lib Dem CEO Lord Rennard: Double Your Money N Try to Get Rich

Lib Dem Voice have run a for-members-only poll showing that 73% of 220 Lib Dem members who have expressed a preference want Lord Rennard hung out to dry to some extent or other. What has the loathsome toady done to deserve this you're thinking? Hell of a slimeball, but that's just doing his job as king of the libdemologists? Well sadly it ain't so.

Here's what they asked:

Though not an MP, the party’s chief executive Lord (Chris) Rennard has faced criticism for claiming a House of Lords member’s allowance of £41,678 having designated his flat in Eastbourne as his main residence and his London house as his second home. Lord Rennard has stated that all his claims have been specifically approved by the House of Lords authorities. How do you think the party should respond to this?

This allegation is bad enough. But don't allegations against the plushly upholstered peer also extend to wandering in to His Lordship's House every day and clocking in? Only to put in an arduous nought hour day? Simply bimbling off to his day job showing leadership to the libdemologist hordes? Not only gaming the main home / second home fiddle but also pretending to attend when he mostly is not doing so?

"Double your money and try to get rich" is the message.

Hats off to the Lib Dem Voice team - many of them reliant on this odious man at Cowley Street or elsewhere - for giving rank and file members the chance to give the Eastborne chancer the reality check he so very richly deserves.


Bernie said...

The Labour Party and Government have no moral authority to comment on anybody else's behaviour.

Chris Paul said...

And so do you think "Bernie" that I am either "The Labour Party" or "Government". I am an independent blogger and whether it is Blears, Moron, Dorries, Hogg or Rennard I don't need your permission to comment.

Assuming you are not the Labour Party or Government either would you care to comment yourself? Should Lord Rennard fill his boots with immunity? Or is he an idiot with a bad attitude like the rest of them?

And would it be fair to say following your own example that the Liberal Democrat Party and the PLDP also have no moral authority and should shut the fuck up?

Postman Pat said...

Lord Rennard cleared Rochdale Lib Dems of any wrongdoing during the 2005 General Election.

What wrongdoing could that be then?

Cyril's tin rattling and oldfashioned fundraising techniques?

Curious tales of anti-semetic slurs and smears being orchestrated from odd places?

Old fashioned bollock squeezing and arse spanking?

Chris Paul said...

Perhaps some expenditure limit irregularities and some hidden funds to the party via circulating rents? Perhaps some political types taking tax payer money for being caseworkers, even calling themselves "Agent".

On the smears ... are you referring to the detective work allegedly linking MPUK nasty leaflets to ye olde Lib Dem printing presses?

Anyways, Rennard's going ... will Rowen follow?

Max Atkinson said...

I too was intrigued to see no mention of House of Lords expenses in his letter, especially as I've already had a couple of rants about them earlier today at