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Nadine Dorries MP: Raving Mythomaniac, Telegraph Miss Story

WRITTEN AT DEAD OF NIGHT, posted this morning due to bloggeration.

Can't say it is any surprise to this blogger that the attention-shunning Ms Nadine Dorries MP (Tory, Mid Narnia) has finally "made it" and been named by the Telegraph as an Additional Costs Allowance Disgrace.

Her "look at me" victim hood will not cease from mental strife. It really won't.

She's already "done a Malik" with protestant TV interviews. Plus an extraordinary caps lock fisking of the Telegraph's letter-ahead-of-publication. The Telegraph retained the caps last time I looked. The blog post (right) does not. Possibly self-publishing some of the content that would otherwise not have made the paper. Were the Telegraph counting on getting an extensive reactionary missive?

We suggested as much. There may well be a perfectly sensible explanation of course. Actually I think that it's almost certain that when the dust settles there'll be no "solitary home" scandal for this Honourable Member.

Nadine does of course seem to think the world owes her a living. And that the ACA is there to be claimed in full, given that MP pay is so very low, and she famously believes that the basic pay should be doubled.

There will probably be some silly claims from her, naturally. And if there are to be explanations, even ones actually clearing the Mid Narnia favourite from any wrong-doing, they are still likely to be ridiculous, attention-seeking nonsenses.

Nadine Dorries is a Raving Mythomaniac. Pass it on. Almost no grasp of "true" and "false". Pass it on. So it seems. Sometimes. Quite often. Pass it on.

The Telegraph accuse Nadine of only having one home in total. And therefore being a right royal "Princess of the Blogs" cheat by dishonestly claiming the second home allowance ... on a solitary home.

Much as I admire Nadine's capacity for astonishing muppetry - her hand of god, her self-smearing, her witless blogging - I really don't think that will be the truth. The solitary home idea anyway. There were four or five or perhaps more homes back in 2006. A flat in London. A rented constituency home. The listed Woolstaplers Hall in Chipping Norton. Bought as a wreck and done up at spiraling expense. Almost like one of those Grand designs nightmare's that teeters on the brink of lunacy and bankruptcy.

There was a nearby B&B of uncertain commercial performance too. And some say yet another ever so humble home in the village. Plus property in Southern Africa.

The Telegraph assert that Nads sold her home (that'll be Woolstaplers Hall I suppose?) in 2007, and her London flat too. She has the declared second home, mortgaged rented in Mid Narnia. There's her mum's splendid "location shoot" in Lytham that has so recently come into the picture. But the Cotswolds still figure in recent blog accounts. So are one or more of the Chipping Norton properties still in use by this hair brain bunch?

The truth will be far stranger than this fiction. I reckon.

Plenty of dishonesty and delusion? Perhaps. A second home allowance claimed on a solitary home? I very much doubt it. Don't get me wrong. I think there may be some stone fibs in Nadine's protestations. Rules may be broken or nuanced here and there. But there's gotta be a main home, right? It'll all be within the rules, won't it?

Are the Telegraph pretty stupid? Poorly informed? Ill-researched? Or are they just trying to smoke out one or two of the myriad other interesting stories that may orbit around Ms Dorries?

SHOCK HORROR, JUST A HUNCH: LOL reckon the key to this mystery, wrapped in an enigma, will be the whereabouts of Nadine's second, more recently divorced husband, Paul Dorries. While she's off desperately seeking Mr Darcy, is there a Mrs Rochester hidden away somewhere? PD, I reckon, may have been taking the can for some pretty serious business scrapes. If it's a nightmare to have Nads for your MP, or to watch her car crash telly, or her science fiction on medical matters, imagine being in business and wedlock and parenting with her?! Poor old Paul!

He has an MS diagnosis behind him don't forget. A coincidence. According to Nads, he also has an unreasonable insistence of re-location to Southern Africa. And they'd grown apart, she said. And all that yada yada yada raving mythomania she does so very often.

So, where does the publicly discarded Paul Dorries fit into the Nads' property madness?

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Anonymous said...

You omit to mention her claim for £2190 of Taxpayers money, to repay what she claims her landlord owes her.