Friday, May 08, 2009

Rochdale Online: Edit Photograph and Story to Order

Before I leave my blogging chair I must bring readers the latest instance of the craven Lib Dem arse-licking activity of true blue Malcolm Porn-O Journeaux and his sagging organ Rochdale Online. There is something or rather someone missing from the above photo and also entirely absent from this report on Asbestos campaigning. Can you guess who that might be?

Obviously Paul Rowen MP is missing. He wasn't there. He is a lightweight. But the meeting between Asbestos campaigners and the Prime Minister Gordon Brown was brokered by Simon Danczuk, Labour's PPC who was also very much in attendance. He has been cropped from the photograph. And he clearly had things to say about Rochdale and Asbestos.

The town having been let down so very badly by Sir Cyril Smith and his acolytes Dave Henn and Paul Rowen MP. Rowen being currently scurrying around like a sewer rat trying to get some credit for voluntary organisation work related to Rochdale's Spodden Valley and also to Asbestos in schools nationally.

FOOTNOTE: Rochdale Online is of course paid by the Tax Payer to produce Paul Rowen MP's eccentric web presence. And, purely by coincidence I'm sure, Porn-O has pretty much cut Labour news from his shrivelling, certainly no longer thrusting publication. With no GMG presence in the town where are they going to nick their stories from?


Anonymous said...

Great comment at RO:

This is a great story - good that these excellent campaigners have got to see the PM. This is such an important issue that it's right that they go to the top. How did it come about - did he invite them to see him?

By Klee @ 08/05/2009 12:28:13
And Rochdale Observer have run the full story and the full picture.

The Porn Again Christian M Porn-O should ask himself:

"What would Jesus do?"

Anonymous said...

Gordon looks shocked. Much more sombre than usual.

Do you think someone had told him about Cyril's asbestos antics and ballbag groping past?

Performing "Medicals" a Speciality said...

It's almost as if Rowen and Henn were there, staging a reenactment in Gordie's line of sight.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you could put up the Rochdale Observer article and photo and play spot the changes.

Anonymous said...

Here you go.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Tom, Mick and Harry said...

Looks like the umbillical cord from Dave Hennighan to the little band of Lefie Crazies he has been grooming is still attached and operating albeit very weakly lest they get finally booted out of the Labour Party.

Hen's cunning plan to slurr and lie has failed despite his antics being funded by the taxpayer via Mr Rowen's parliamentary expenses.

Anonymous said...

The predictable smear merchants. What took you so long boys?

Rochdale Online not friends with Dave Drungagain? Come again? He DJs every year at their fabled 'awards ceremony', he tours with Malcolm's so-called band and he helps fund Rochdale Online's web development business by making sure Paul Rowen's tax payer slush fund is funnelled into Malcolm's pocket.

Some would call this 'protection money'.

Dave Hennigan controls Rochdale Online and everyone knows it. That's why you won't see one critical story about Paul Rowen. Only endless Lib Dem press releases...

Anon 16.09, please think again about your potty claim that Rochdale Online are not friends of the liberals. Has it escaped you that they employ Lib Dem councillors? That senior figures in the firm are paid up Lib Dem card carrying members? And that Dave Hennigan even has a special mug there?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Mark Hollinrake. You really need to get over yourself.

Your combined hatred of women and consumption of Strongbow is having a corrosive effect on your mind.

you will go blind photographing that said...

where are Rochdale Online going to get their stories from?

Rochdale Council, the RDA and Google News of course. Plus a quick glance at Razzle.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

time to get your've pulled.

Chris Paul said...

Sorry people. I cannot put up with this abuse of my hospitality. Please be assured that while these comments are removed from view they are retained and that there is enough information in and around them to identify the senders.

If you want to post what are clearly actionable, defamatory, unsubstantiated, untrue etc etc allegations then use your own names. That applies to both sides. Though there is only one side that has got to those depths here.

And to think that Paul Rowen is warning people to watch out for nonsense being placed on the web by his opponents. Brilliant! Bloody hypocrite of the nth order.

Watch this space. But DON'T PLAY ROUGH, not on this ultra responsible blogger's blog.

Anonymous said...

So you have pulled a post of mine, that stated I was not Mark Hollingrake, but you still allow the original potentionally libellous comment about him being a woman hater to stand.

I repeat he is not a woman hater, my own wife will confirm that as well as other comrades in the labour party, and his own wife and daughters would confrm that too.

Will the keyboard warrior soft arse say these things to his face-I doubt that. Maybe a fake solicitors letter will need to be sent out.

Mark, myself and others under attack in Rochdale Labour Party were taking on the Libs YEARS before some who attack us were even born, and probably before they knew where Rochdale was.

We will be out working on GOTV in the Euro elections making bsure Labour get at least 3 seats in the NWest and will be assisting in Heywood and Middleton to re elect the sitting MP to hopefully keep a Labour Government.

Anonymous said...

Coats, Stott, Burke and Brassington are only good at one thing. Failing to get anywhere and giving Dave Hennigan an easy ride. Actually, they do more than that. They spend half the day on the phone helping him out. Fight the Lib Dems?! Don't make us laugh. You clowns haven't even laid a glove on the Lib Dems. As far as Dave's concerned you're the biggest help he gets.

Hennigan is laughing in your faces and you can't see it you're that stupid.

When was the last time you won a council seat?

Or did anything positive for Labour other than support the club bar?

You idiots need to get a grip.

This Friday the Conservative MP Christopher Chope is trying to force a bill through to scrap the minimum wage. What are you idiots doing about it? Fighting among yourselves and helping the Lib Dems.


Anonymous said...

Well keyboard warrior, supporting the Club bar, supports the Headquarters which supports the party. Do you get that keyboard warrior THICKO!! Not that I have been in much recently, though I try to get in Saturdays when Mark is on the bar-maybe you can tell him to his face what you think of him or even me?

Listen hear. Stott was a councillor that got things done, the Libs flooded Kingway when he was beaten, pulling out of other marginals like Smallbridge. Only Stotty, Hollingrake and a handful of leafletters worked the ward in the election , (personally I thought they were wasting their time )but due to the pisspoor local leadership we were hammered by the Libs in wards like Smallbridge, and Balderstone we should have won. Tommy could have won that seat with some help from the constituency. What Council seat have you won-are YOU Henigan?What a disaster in Healey coming behind the nazis.

As a group we have all signed the on-line petion in support of the min wage, and emailed other comrades with the info how to do the same. All of us campaigned in the first place for the minimum wage-something a lot of right wingers in the party did not support. We all support the call for a much higher min wage, and totally disagree with the Libs anti NATIONAL min wage policy.

We will all be working for Labour candidates within Heywood and Middleton in the Euro, Local and General Elections or in other neighbouring constituencies- eg MC says he will go working in Bury after work. Will you be trying to defeat the \Nazis or will you be supporting the "do not vote" campaign of the silly SC-maybe you are him.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you support your local party by drinking lots of alcohol?


Are you sure YOU are not Dave Henn or one of his little helpers paid for by taxpayers?

If not, then hope you haven't got neat writing and a florid style of political prose that excites Adam Power and John Swarbrick.

Don't you realise Hennigan brags about 'comrades' like you?

Chris Paul said...

You're all as bad as each other. Rochdale Labour Party members assisting the opposition in attacking the selected Labour PPC - whether politically or personally - are utterly disloyal and should be ashamed.

Working in another constituency is a valid way round any antipathy. But can't you lot have the good grace to get on with that quietly without disrupting the loyal comrades and colleagues who are in despair at Rowen's shenanigans and are willing to graft for the selected PPC to get rid?

What will you do when Jim Dobbin retires and you perhaps do not get the PPC you want on that one? Do you then start doing Henn's work on that one too?

Having saved Rowen's skin and kept Labour from thumping the bastard, at the polls naturally, you then help one of them in in the neighbouring seat.

Is that the game plan? Pray tell.

Clearly other side should be trying to win you over and not roll you over. And to think Rowen accused me of having anything to do with Rochdale Labour Party! The swine.

Stranger Danger said...

hear hear.

and here is what conviction politician John Heyworth is stirring up on Porn-O's Rochdale/Rowen Online:

Bronze Member

116 Posts Posted - 12/05/2009 : 14:22:25 Show Profile Reply with Quote

What does Labour stand for now? They do not represent the people they are supposed to represent.

Where do we go now for the real honest politics or an honest political party?

You ask what does labour stand for now - the answer is very little other than the pusuit of power, the retention of power and the glory and trappings of power. Be it national or local politics this is their only goal.
I do not know where you are to go if you are still a commited socialist - the other partys are obviousley not the answer (however broad a church we in the Lib dems are). But to stay in the Rochdale Labour party and worship at the "Temple of Simon" is clearly not the answer. Just ask Tom Stott,et el. For if you remember and support the past and you are principled then you will be cast a side with no role to play in the new model Rochdale Labour Party.
Incidently are Tom and the other rebels still "active" members? Was their disciplinary issue conveniantly forgotten or have they themselves swllowed their pride and become "Danczuk Disciples" for the "greater good of the Party"?