Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wandering Nadine: Perhaps It's Time For a Nice Caravan?

Nadine's defence didn't get a good review at Sky News last night (Friday late/Saturday early). Confusing mess, dogs' dinner, no, scratch that, worse than a dog's dinner. And so on. But this bizarre going-to-the-danger behaviour of hers has seemingly kept Nadine out of the Daily Telegraph collected Conservative Troughers round up on today's web edition. Not seen the inky version. The early doors version of the story remains however.

As this hasn't yet developed she and Iain Dale may think that means she has spiked the story.

Me? I think she's going to get seriously shredded in either the Sunday Telegraph or Monday's paper. As I stated in my belatedly posted 1:00 AM "exclusive" they were on a fishing expedition. Nadine Dorries MP is way out of the box on this. She's literally all over the place! But she's also a big fibber. A raving mythomaniac. And little by little she's getting caught out.

Nadine is certainly non-compliant when it comes to the rules. There is no "main home" as defined by the guidance. Though collectively other places, including overseas, probably do account for more days than her "second home".

But the Telegraph fishing expedition suggesting Nads had only one home - and she certainly rose to the bait - will surely play out. Even if other publications pick up the ball and run with it. Her strange story is a very long way from the more venal - such as the McKay-McBride combo with their towards £25,000 between them on interest alone, covering both their homes.

And they're still not Tory-disciplined in any way! How is Cameron getting credit for his robust action? He only seems to have got a dozen or so millionaires to refund three and small four figure sums.

Incidentally Iain is suggesting that the world is getting fed up with this story, almost implying that any more will escape relatively unscathed. LOL would say that it's time to weed out the thinnest non stories. But that there will be at least another dozen major troughing sessions to tickle our taste buds.

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tory boys never grow up said...

Given her previous paranoia about travellers this is all highly ironic.