Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Breaking News: Hazel Blears U-Turns, But Did She Want To?

Just a fortnight ago Hazel Blears MP was 100% against the idea of resigning from her Ministerial role, now reports are emerging that she's tendered her resignation. Though no-one seems sure whether this is effective immediately, or from reshuffle as the Jacqui Smith announcement. Meanwhile we can report with some certainty that twelve months ago Liam Gallagher asked the barber for a Blears rather than an Asher. Pictures anon.

UPDATE 11:08: It seems to be instantaneous. Labour List have the Hazey spiel. Hat tip: @smithsky1979.


Paul Halsall said...

What about the Rumours that Flint and Burnham will resign today?

Chris Paul said...

Whose rumours are we talking about Paul? Dizzy's rumours? I'd be surprised if Burnham went. Flint is not a happy bunny when it comes to Brown however, but has she got any personal trousergate angst a Hazey had? More likely than AB though I'd say. Purnell perhaps? He's got some trousergate issues.

Paul Halsall said...

Look, with the DT new story on Hazel, it's clearly breaking out into some all out war.

Guido (I know, I know), says people are telling him they will only act at 10pm tomorrow.

But this is playing like a game of chess on a clock.

Chris Paul said...

But it's not. Hazel is where she is not because of briefing against her but because of tax choices, cheque brandishing and plotting SHE HAS DONE in the past, and now. The timing of her departure means either that she's lost it emotionally or she's out to maxx out the damage as well as the expense account.