Friday, June 05, 2009

Breaking News: Hoon Ian Gibson MP Throws Toys = By-Election

Ian Gibson MP is apparently throwing his toys at the failure of Hazel's Hotmail Plot and resigning with immediate, apparently causing a by-election in Norwich.

UPDATE 16:08: Michael White suggests Gibson will stand as Independent. Makes it far less of a problem for Brown if that's correct.

UPDATE 16:11: Ian Gibson - live on BBC News - doesn't mention this Whitean standing as an Independent idea. Or did BBC leave too soon?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

WQhen will some people learn that Brown is the problem, not the aqnswer !


Andreas Paterson said...
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Andreas Paterson said...

Haven't heard anything about an independent campaign myself, although quite a few of us here in Norwich feel that Ian Gibson got an unfair deal from the star chamber. Unlike the others he didn't actually claim any money he shouldn't have.

The worst that could be said is that the sale of his property meant that he would have paid less capital gains tax, which puts him on a par with the Blears, Hoons & Purnells of this world (none of whom had to face the star chamber).

And are you seriously suggesting the campaign grouping, McDonnell backing Ian Gibson would be in cahoots with the Iron Chipmunk?

Chris Paul said...

Ian's said he would not leave the LP. Interested with this idea that he didn't do anything wrong.

If a non-dependent child and partner were living their should he not have expected a share of all costs to be met by them? Did he do that?

Selling at an under value ... avoiding stamp duty, reducing any CGT liability, possibly to zero, contrived even if legal.

Is any of the above wrong?

No, I don't think Ian is in Cahoots with the IC ... that's Iain!

Paul Burgin said...

Given the accusations against him I will be surprised if he does win!

Andreas Paterson said...

No he didn't, but where does it say that a second home can not be treated as if you own it, especially given that Ian had to remortgage his Norwich house to buy it. Ian put 56K of his own money into that flat, so it's not as if it was entirely paid for by HMG.

The problem with the whole non-dependent child argument is that it opens a whole can of worms relating to how you treat such arrangements and how you retrospectively apply them.