Monday, June 08, 2009

Euros: Chris Davies MEP Tells LD House Paper "Go Swivel!"

[poetic licence]Rowen Online - the official throbbing tax-payer funded organ of the Rochdale Lib Dem party - are running a story in which failed Oldham and Saddleworth MP Chris Davies MEP blasts all journalists as "******* *****".

"I don't give a ******* **** about ******* journalists", said the usually mild-mannered, shandy drinking, fell running, but swivel eyed Lib Dem tosspot loon MEP when Rowen Online rang him for a triumphant quote.

He said: “I am very ******* frustrated. Ten ******* years I have ******* been in ******* Parliament, and not one ******* single ******* journalist, from any ******* media ******* organisation, has ******* bothered to ******* write about my ******* actual ******* work.

“I ******* couldn’t give a ******* toss now.

He added: “What about the ******* real ******* stories about the ******* work I ******* do on ******* climate ******* change and the ******* environment? You ******* don’t ******* see ******* that in the ******* media at ******* all.”

Although they're not actually journalists the staff at Rowen Online are proud that years of unpaid propaganda work for the Lib Dems has finally been rewarded with a goodly slice of skimmed parliamentary communications cash.

And they think the swivel eyed wanker of Saddleworth Moor is a ******* ingrate, listing some of their payola stories on his behalf:

  • Sleazy Euro Gravy Train Hits Rochdale

  • Sleazy Clegg Backs Sleazy Rip Off Davies on Expenses

  • Soppy MEP Backs Doe Eyed Fish Destroying Feeding Frenzy Seals

  • Skinflint Gazillionaire MEP Chisels Mobile Text Charges

  • Sadly they hadn't written any stories critical of Chris Davies MEP for applying over-claimed Euro expenses to political campaigning, despite claiming to be whiter than white. Or to his utterly wrong-headed communalist campaign in 2004, aped by defective Sajjad Haider Karim MEP with the Tories this time. The pair of former buddies are seen milking the ******* useless ******* journalist scumbags, for all they're ******* worth, in ******* happier ******* times.

    This approach to ethnic communities and their use as voting blocks mirrors the rhetoric of the far right and was almost certainly one of a number of factors assisting the BNP gain a North West seat through the cynical 2009 Tory campaign - modelled on the cynical Davies 2004 Lib Dem campaign.

    He says "Sod all you ******* journalist ******* bastards!" LOL say: "Sod you you ******* stupid bastard ******* Lib Dem politicians!"[/poetic licence]


    Anonymous said...

    What is Chris Davies talking about? Rowen Online have published verbatim every single one of his crap releases for the last five bloody years. You couldn't find a more tame and accomodating media organisation anywhere.

    Here's another example of how biased Rowen Online are.

    At the weekend they reported on the Milnrow Carnival. Labour's PPC Simon Danczuk was there along with the Milnrow MP Phil Woolas.

    The crappy report filed by their 'journalist' (or is that PR officer for Paul Rowen?) made no mention of the fact that the MP for Milnrow was in attendance, preferring to focus on Rowen instead. No doubt trying to get him some extra votes when the boundaries change at the next election.

    Bizarrely, Rowen Online claimed that the parade was 'fronted' by Paul Rowen MP and included some idiotic photos of him in his best Roysten Vasey clobber. No mention anywhere of Phil Woolas being there.

    These people are propagandists of the highest order. It's time their advertisers knew the truth.

    What would Jesus do? said...

    Are you proposing to call round all these befuddled advertisers? Someone should.

    Get Real said...

    Rochdale Online 'news' articles?
    They're having a larf.
    More like Chris Davies' press releases- touched up a little by Dave Hennigan. That is of course if it is permissible to use the phrase "touched up" and dodgy Dave in the same sentence without mentioning Cyril.

    Dave is slipping up though (or could it be the Boy Ower?) as Rowen's latest web newsletter describes 'The Big Lebowski' Davies as "Rochdale's MP"

    Anonymous said...

    in the photo, has a big Chris Davies head been stuck onto a narrow back?

    and is he clutching an old school bottle of milk instead a standard 586ml one?

    all the picture needs to finish it off is a little bent banana.