Sunday, June 07, 2009

EXCLUSIVE Daylight Robbery: Rowen's Lib Dems Rob Tax

Every time PR Paul Rowen MP and his tax-payer salaried cronies cobble together one of their hocus pocus "Focus" or cock and bull un-badged "XY News" sheets with an "advertisement" for surgery times you'd think they'd include free and gratis, the tax payer is actually taking a big hit. Let me explain.

While this example from Kingsway, Rochdale claims to be "Free" (1) PR Paul Rowen is in fact robbing the tax payer of £700 per edition to pay the local Lib Dems to produce this and the equivalents in other wards. Producing heavily partisan publicity material on the taxpayer is strictly banned. And the pretence of an "advertisement" is just that. Pretending to advertise something that should be there anyway. Just to get the taxpayer to pay for party propaganda.

And this Kingsway News is nothing if not party political propaganda. The main story (2) begins with a pseudo Masonic "up and up" headline and concludes with a something and nothing story (3) about where a political rival lives, and at its heart is the big lie (4). Money coming largely from the Labour Government's exciting regeneration and education and transport and housing programmes is claimed as if it is a Lib Dem bounty. It's not.

By the look of it pretty much all the monies identified in the "5 reasons to celebrate" box alongside the story is YOUR MONEY, taxpayers' money, coming from the Labour Government. Even though the area is sorrily misrepresented by Lib Dem clown PR Paul. It's Labour delivering for the people of Rochdale, not the ridiculous expenses fiddler PR Paul Rowen.

Clearly, when it comes to the exact street where someone lives (3) these scallywags are anal and hair-splitting fetishists. However when they refer to "our area" in the headline they actually mean the whole of Rochdale! I wonder how much of the £1 Billion identified - of your money, via Labour ideas and programmes, is going to the "our area" meaning Kingsway?

And given their anal interests, their sordid fetish in localism where can they be printing their leaflet? It's gotta be somewhere local now hasn't it? Well, if you call Derby local it is. The dishonest Rochdale Lib Dems have given the work to Harmsworth Printing Limited, Northcliffe House, Derby, DE1 2DW. Aren't there any printers in Rochdale? Or Greater Manchester? For such an anal, local-fetish political party?

Apparently not. Though whereas John Leech MP and his "John Bull Set" calling themselves the Withington Printing Society (unicorporated, unaccountable) were until recently sticking their initials on complex, high quality, four-colour, lithographic work as if it had been printed on their John Bull Set, here we have a professional printer in faraway Derby sticking their names on something showing clear signs of amateurish paste up.

Finally, of course, the coup de grace (6), the death blow to PR Paul Rowen's claims of expenses honesty. This dishonest party political leaflet has been produced - in Derby - using £700 of taxpayers money through the disgraceful ruse of an advert for information that should be on every leaflet these clowns produce. Free and gratis.

For this price PR Paul could have taken a far more effective advert - around twice the size - probably a BOGOF allowing both editions of the Rochdale Observer, certainly the more popular one, getting their online and freesheet titles thrown in to boot. If that is the completely free listings in such papers are insufficient to provide the information in a satisfactory way.

Does this snide, cheating, rip off PR Paul Rowen advertising actually work? To judge from the lack of interest in the clown's most recent surgery at Morrisons people don't want to speak to him. Is this because he's a useless money-grubbing self-serving toad? Or because the stench of expenses-gate is now wafting out from Drake Street? Putting PR Paul Rowen among the worst not the best of the political cheats?

The Drake Street offices themselves, like the tax-funded propaganda, the tax-funded "political agents", and the tax funded hoarding at Spotland, being yet another example of PR Paul lining the pockets of the local Lib dems and hence his own campaigning funds by one contrivance after another. Rent paid to the party, who pay a firm controlled by senior party figures, who speedily donate the money back to the party, who already trousered half the tax-payer cash on the way through?

There should be a law against it, and there probably is. Let's have the money returned to the people for all these scams and torturous twistings of the letter and spirit of the laws. Lets see PR Paul Rowen recalled in a by-election. And let's see Rochdale people telling the money-grubbing fraud to sling his hook. And take his sly band of political hacks with him.

They've had a million off us already. Enough is enough. You're NOT good value". Give the money back you petty pilfering waste of space. And shut the door on your way out.


Anonymous said...

This is a major league scam.

Under Rowen's leadership Rochdale is heading into terminal decline. The only thing his useless office is capable of is delivering comical ali style propaganda claiming "exciting times" are ahead. And the taxpayer has to pay for this crap. It's a double insult.

As Bernard Manning would say: Fucking disgrace.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't pay 10p to advertise in this crappy freeshite which no one reads. £700 for a tiny advert on the bottom of a Lib Dem cat litter tray liner? Good value for money!? You're having a laugh! How can Rowen keep a straight face when he utters such total bollocks. This is daylight robbery.

Anonymous said...

wasn't 'liberal' Cyril Smith a good friend of Bernard Manning?

says it all

Anonymous said...

So lets get this right.

Fake "free" news paper distributed.
Actually a political flyer.
Printer in Derby at unknown cost?

Paid for by Rowen placing £700 a pop adverts in funded by the taxpayer via parliamentary expenses?

If he hasn't already writtenthe cheque returning the money then he is fooked.