Wednesday, June 10, 2009

EXCLUSIVE: Nick Griffin Under Siege At Condemned Pub

Not making the national bulletins at the moment but having been told to GTF by the Town Hall over a room booking, and turned away by the Sheridan Suite on Oldham Road, Nick Griffin MEPpet is holed up in a fascist pub nearby. The Ace of Diamonds, landlord one Derek Adams, a repeat offender as council, Westminster and Strasbourg candidate. Making his money selling cooking lager and White Lightning to racists and fascists. Plus hiring out dodgy "security teams" from round the back.

In theory the pub is blighted by a Compulsory Purchase Order. But it seems unlikely that the political classes would enact that. Unless the price was very depressed indeed. This could be done by putting a Blue Plaque on it, revealing that the cowardly hate-job Griffin had skulked there. And more than once.

Who but an idiot would want to give a six-figure sum to a fascist landlord? The social housing immediately around the pub is of course throughly blighted by having BNP thugs hanging about the place. "Hard to let" is not close. Derek Adams pretends that he lives above the shop, for electoral lie purposes, in fact he lives miles away.

The juke box is allegedly chocka with "national songs". Though "Tie A Yellow Ribbon" and "Fulsom Prison Blues" seem the thing. For "Going Away" and "Home Coming" parties of the seedier lower orders of the criminal communities.

Both the Town Hall and the Sheridan were not up for a Griffin Press Conference. Because they value the diversity of Manchester, with the latter venue regularly hosting Caribbean and Asian and Irish and Church and Political events, as well as conferences and auctions.

The Sheridan was one of the overseas ballot stations for the Iraqi General Elections. Gordon Brown himself spoke there in Spring 2007, on a Make Poverty History tip. I had a short chat with him at that in fact.

No business or community building will want to host this MEPpet and his thuggish hordes, many of them said to have been recruited on the corridors of Strangeways Prison.

Don't get me wrong, these released prisoner "white folkers" are not BNP members. Not as such. They are the be-suited paramilitary steroidal guard to the Prince of Darkness. Ballot Box plus the Ballot Boot. It's traditional.

FOOTNOTE: At the time of writing there is no evidence that any groceries were harmed in the making of this blogpost. But Cllrs Flanagan, O'Connor and Hitchen had been scrambled from the Town Hall to egg the crowd on.


Old Holborn said...

Er Chris,

I've just seen your twiiter on Labourlist

did you really mean to type

"BNP Leader guarded by Negroid crims (& police) besieged in condemned fascist pub (manchester): #labourdoorstep


Re Drag said...

I would personally by the eggs myself, if only I was guaranteed they would be direct hits in the gob....none of this runny stuff down the shoulder malarky....what a waste of an egg.

Gerry Attric said...

He should think himself lucky only eggs were thrown at him. I hope they weren't free range, he only deserves the cheap mass produced ones