Saturday, June 20, 2009

Gordon Brown in Guardian: He's On A Labour of Love

Gordon Brown's interview for the Guardian magazine is I think a stroke of natural born genius. His sense of vocation, commitment, principle, hope, service - his ahem labour of love even - they shine through. I'm not a Blairie, a Brownie or a Blearsie, not Projectile at all, I'm just Labour. Taking this interview was a great idea, and the distance from the starstruckness of a Blair or Cameron was good to see. After taking his turn on the tiller Gordon will be able to walk away. Teach he says.

And with the Tories under nowhere man Dave Cameron continuing to fester in nowhere land, making all his nowhere plans, there's a General Election to be won. Really. Read it here. Even Alex Smith at Labour List is happy. Good to see.

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Dream on.