Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Gravy Train PR Paul Rowen MP: Threatens GMG With Legals

Rochdale Alternative Website aka RAW reported around midnight how PR Paul Rowen MP is using his favourite greasy bad boy organ, rather than his knob of butter, that's greaser Malcolm Porn-O's Rochdale Online aka Rowen Online to attack very mild-mannered Rochdale Observer coverage of his disgusting troughing and gravy training.

Even Rowen Online gave the lardy gravy-training sleazer a piece of their mind when they saw his redacted expenses claims. They spotted his subsidy for political propaganda for example, even if they didn't spot his dodgy office tenancy, his dodgy industrial envelope stuffing machine, his dodgy "agent" not "caseworker" staff, his dodgy "TV services: £9.99", his dodgy "knob of butter: 15p", his dodgy "dinner beverages" and "beverage/bar" claims, his payments to peaceniks for unseen services, still less their own profitable contract with the bulging stuffed shirt.

PR Paul Rowen MP gets on his high horse with his "I didn't get where I am today" equivalent speech. this tends to run "in 25 years as a councillor and/or MP I've never had to sue local media". In fact he's never sued anyone. He's all mouth and trousers.

And what's more it's fair to say he's had no cause to sue anyone. Anything that has been adverse has been adverse because the fool deserves such adverse comment.

In fact, by bullying and by buying off local media, PR Paul Rowen MP has had a very easy ride on the chuntering, chugging, slurping gravy train of life. And both his agent Dave Hennigan and his unwilling mentor Sir Cyril Smith MBE are also in doo doos up to their necks for similar bullying and/or buying behaviour.

PR Paul Rowen MP used his evil Boy Wonder Dave Hennigan to smear LOL. They got Rochdale Online to print a vile libel against my own blog and RAW. He claimed LOL had printed untrue stories which he'd have sued over had they been printed in traditional media. But the stories had been so printed. And they were true. PRPR MP persuaded Porn-O to print this tosh by claiming he had taken action behind the scenes, specifically he claimed to have written to the General Secretary of the Labour Party demanding sanctions.

There is no evidence he had written to anyone. What he said certainly didn't stack up. All LOL's stories about Cyril etc had the strong legal advantage of being absolutely true and uncontested. In most cases having been printed elsewhere without action or even the threat of action.

And what's more Rowen did not repeat the libel on his own website ... produced for him by Rochdale Online ... but at taxpayers expense. He 'redacted' the story on both that site and the local Lib Dem site to exclude the lurid and untrue smears against LOL. Only his pocket organ Porn-O's Rowen Online reproduced the smearage.

This threat of "legal action" will be more nonsense from Rowen. The Rochdale Observer should stand firm. They should tell him to put up or shut up. They should reason that there's no smoke without fire and they should get digging. After all what they've printed so far - even the letters page - haven't covered half Rowen's gaming of the taxpayer funded parliamentary trough to try to perpetuate the Lib Dem misrule of poor, benighted Rochdale.

Nothing has made the inkies YET about the true dimensions of his expenses fiddles. Not like Tories about palatial lifestyles or like Labour about gaudy baubles but rather about feeding the party machine. And not just that envelope stuffer.

This is worse than a bit of hubris or ostentation. This is not only corrupting our democracy by piling public money into re-election of a particular party, but also doing so for "representatives" with NO POLITICS to speak of, with NO INTEREST or ABILITY in casework, and basically just in it for kudos and negative spoiling.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, Rowen's expense claims are getting stranger by the day.

Who are Sleepwalker Films? These peaceniks - and particularly John Farrington - seem to have got thousands of taxpayers' money. For what?

Here's Rowen banging on about a peace parade with Ming Campbell sitting in the 'peace wagon' whatever that is. It's well known that the Rochdale and Littleborough Peace Group campaign for Rowen. Do these people as well? And is he paying them off like he paid off Rochdale Online?


Chris Paul said...

Presumably if they're film makers and they've received let's say £4,000 from PR Paul on behalf of the tax payer there will be a film to look at? For taxpayers to see that the money was well spent and also of course not subverted into a party political direction.

Anonymous said...

Rowen is a fucking bastard thieving twat MP and Hennigan is a malicious fucking smear merchant who must be stopped. It is outrageous that the taxpayer has given the pair of them and their cronies more than a million quid already. They've done nothing for the town. They're just playing and having their dirty, dirty, dirty fun at our expense. Keeping half of their behaviour secret too. Bastards.

Chris Paul said...

Feelings are running high. I'll leave that comment anonymous. But please to be keeping the swearing to a minimum. This is a family blog.