Friday, June 05, 2009

MORNING HAS BROKEN: Cameron and Clegg Broken Record

God, Cameron's up himself this morning. And Clegg too. Holding up a series of about-to-be-sacked Ministers jumping before they were pushed as a collapse of authority is nonsense. Smith was toast. Blears was toast. Purnell was very likely toast too. And Labour List 2.0 are probably toast now too.

Self-indulgent student's union crapulence reporting on the same.

Dale is saying THEY (Labour List) say Brown Must Go on the basis of the above link which is an Alex Smith post not a "Labour List" post. All they (or to be clear Alex Smith, again) are doing this morning is carelessly reporting the PH Panel ... including Potty Toynbee and Clunky Clarkey think he should go.

There are lots of Tory and Lib Dem sleaze stories to come I think. Labour have been done to death, almost. But some Tory stories are in reserve, or failing Telegraph due diligence will come out in July. The Lib Dem ones will be of a different type I reckon. Tax payers money used as campaign war chests will be the pattern.

We've already had examples with PR Paul Rowen of course.

Office rented from party rented from Cyril Smith and the sleazy old guard. Donations like boomerangs feeding the tax money back. Subsidy for campaign leaflets. Subsidy for hoardings. And political staff paid for by the taxpayer. Disgraceful. There'll be more of that sort of thing when we see the Lib Dem small print.

A General Election in a hurry would spoil some of this "discovery" process. No small wonder they're eager beavers. Like Purnell and Blears in a sense. And Cam isn't filling the posts vacated by his moat-dredgers and duck-housers and missing main-homers until October anyway. He's just making inevitable calls for a General Election.

The big question for today: can Hopi Sen keep Iain Dale twaddle in proportion.

Here's a Link to Iain's Announcement

If you want to appear live on the programme call 01243 556161. Obviously we can only take one call at a time so you may have to wait a bit, but don’t give up!


Dial up . We can take Skype calls, and also Skye chat messages.


You can use my twitter name @iaindale, and it will appear on my Tweetdeck app, or you can use the hashtag #electionstudio. The hashtag is probably best.

MEANWHILE: Whatever Iain may say, his Reid story is NOT stood up straight. Wobbly at best. But I'm pleased to have got Purnell early. Also tweeted here. He was going to be pushed I think, so he has jumped. The Telegraph may tuck in at this point.

BREAKING WIND: Clegg on Bristol. Yeuch! Holding Liverpool up as an exemplar. Terrible result for Labour in Bristol it must be said. But this is a protest. Not an endorsement of the Lib Dems who WERE PANTS last time they took control, briefly.

UPDATE 11:49: Tweaked a bit round the Labour List links. John Hutton MP is rather impressive in his move at this stage. He's a Blairite. But he is not a self-indulgent tosser like Purnell.

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