Friday, June 26, 2009

Rochdale Observer: Should Replace Rowen Drivel With Jacko

Here's a thought. The bullied Rochdale Observer should replace the drivelly and unwarranted refutation PR Paul Rowen wants them to carry on their front page - to an essentially true story and reasonable comment - with a tribute poster page to the late great Michael Jackson, the misunderstood man in the mirror.


Anonymous said...

Seen the "Ob" today, not a whole hill of beans.Could backfire and make Rowen look like he's making weak excuses.
No mention of any damages or donations to charity.

Chris Paul said...

So, NOT the same as the story on Rowen Online then? Perhaps the Obbie have grown some finally?

Anonymous said...

Not Paul Rowen writes.
Your blog regarding the great Michael Jackson has caused me great diistress. In fact it has been my worst week in politics, since last week.
Michael, or Sting as he used to like me to call him, was a personal friend of mine.
Many is the time that he and his lovely wife Yoko called in to see me at second home in London, not only to tell me what a great job I was doing in Rochdale but also seeking my advice on songwriting and dancing.In fact I helped him get his career back on track after he left the Dave Clark Five.
We spent many a happy hour together in fast food restauants, though he had to disguise himself by wearing a plastic bag (5p), enjoying a portion of fries(£1.29))
whist his pet monkey tucked into a banana (40p).
I am so upset by your article that I am demanding £350,000 in damges to given to a charity of my choice I.E. The Lib Dem Retirement Fund For One Term MPs'.
Yours Truly,
Dave, er Paul Rowen.

Rochdale Rapper said...

Cllr Jean Jeanie writes her own special tribute to Michael Jackson on the Rowen Online forum page.

Reminiscent of the blinkered shite she wrote about Cyril Smith.

No mention by Jean Jeanie of sex abuse when describing the great morbidly obese testicle squeezing spanker who had to help police with their enquiries in 1968 but mysteriously never faced a courtroom.

Lets see what comes out of the woodwork in the weeks to come.

It could be a Thriller.

Chris Paul said...

Off the wall and Bad at very least I should say ... might even be Dangerous.

Anonymous said...

but could Dave H get a $20 million pay off to keep quiet?

Rochdale Rapper said...

Dave Hennighan and Adam Power are no longer flavour of the month with many rank and file Rochdale Lib Dems.

Poor Paul Rowen is looking rather exposed.

They say a Dick needs balls.