Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rt Hoon Hazel Blears MP: Fash Fighter Foments Further Friction

To the left, the ayes, to the right, the presumably hopeless attention seeker proposing a challenge to Hazel Blears MP in Neal Keeling's scoop. Which drove Sir Richard's look-a-likey off the front cover of the Manchester Evening News. The comrade in question, one Alex McFadden, stood for the pseudo-Bennite independent confusion that was No2EU in the Euros.

More than one of both Unite Against Fascism and Hope Not Hate fash-fighting contingents suggested to this blogger that the worthy No2EU combo's participation may actually have assisted the BNP gain their seat. I don't know about that. It may have drawn some of their non-racist but anti-EU and anti-HMG potential votes. Who knows? Hard to tell. Yet this Alex says they could stand and could win - in order to prevent a Conservative or BNP victory. In Salford Central this guy says that!

Let's have some of this man's earlier clippings:
Merseyside Trade Unionist Almost Blinded | He's One Badger You'd Want Round In An Emergency (shome mishtake?) | Stormfront (fascists) Bait That Badger.

Alex McFadden is not someone I know. An interesting character (picture below). Certainly a man recognised by the NW BNP, Combat 18 and NF cadres, but in a General Election against The Blears he would not bother the scorers than much. I'm guessing 179 votes constituency wide. I'd say that Neal Keeling has been somethingly punked on this one. Just this once.

Hazel needs to be more worried about Martin Bell. Though why would he not take out the rather more obnoxious and more "at it" George Osborne Bart., back in Tatton?

UPDATE Sat 08:05: The Neal Keeling Exclusive re Alex McFadden challenge.

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Anonymous said...

Is he anything to do with Derek Hatton, this chap? And what is his own union? And why does a Wallasey man think he's a champion for righteousness in Salford?