Monday, July 20, 2009

Damian McBride Interview: What Exactly's Going On?

Listening to this thing. I'm wondering why it is happening (a) now and (b) at all. Seems to me that the consequences of this intervention at this time and in this way are at best uncertain. Damian McBride has just said that he aspires to get back into the civil service. I expect Andy Coulson has his number? Though I don't suppose that that bin diving, phone tapping, secrets blagging wretch should survive. FULL INTERVIEW (50 minutes).

FOOTNOTE 10:41: Gweedo is claiming that the only thing stopping Nadine Dorries prosecuting her so-called legal case against McBride was not knowing where to serve the writ on him. Ludicrous. But anyway, can't say the same goes for Gordon Brown though, eh Nads? I don't believe that the raving mythomaniac Nadine Dorries MP, who lest we forget "went to the danger" by naming herself and making a huge fuss, will take legal action.

FOOTNOTE 11:48: Mention Andy Coulson and his famous recourse to 'phone tapping and Google Ads throws up this little advert!

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