Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dr Donal Blaney: More BNP Standard Tory Hate Talk "Humour"

Dr Donal Blaney is the true blue epitome of conservatism that can be quickly found by scratching the surface of any respectable "cuddly nu Tory" Cameroonian.

They trust this almost unthinkably right-wing-for-a-mainstream-party muppet with the bringing up of the Conservative Future cadre. And of course that shows, as the future of the racist jokes party party spend more time off the rails than on. LOL suggested he is an unpleasant loony hoon only a few days ago. For spreading nonsense about Islam and HIV/AIDS that was.

I'll offer a hat tip to Iain Dale at this point. His Daley Dozen includes Donal's hilarious "You Do The Maths" feature.

Quite newsworthy you might think, as the reform of A level Maths is back on the agenda, though versions of this tale turned up in April and May last year, including:
a Command-V thread (where all contributions are copied and pasted fairly randomly from elsewhere - bloody hippy geeks); Cranmer; Defender Lindum; some random MySpace blog; and on No Minister in kiwi-land.

The traditional version, reproduced verbatim in all these places and more, has been strenuously embellished by Dr Blaney, and/or his fuck-witted informants. This was already a rather unpleasant illustration of the supposed decline in the teaching of mathematics. Ending, as true blue Tories like Donal love, with a gratuitous and nasty twist. The implication that by 2017 or 2018 the English-speaking world will have been colonised by the Arabic.

How we laughed. Ho ho ho ho! This was already ship scuttler Griffin's other-hating mentality all dressed up as an hilarious Tory wheeze.

But Blaney's version also embellishes two of the later tales to introduce more hate talk, working in some Muslims, some gypsies, and some Bulgarians; some knockabout health and safety; and even a pre-emptive reverse smear over accusations of racism.

However successful Dave Cameron's "impression management"* process has been, making the Tories look at least a little more palatable, it is a fact that Dr Donal Blaney is an apparently respected party member, keeping the true faith alive among the Tory Youth, even while Dave is pretending to have cleaned up.

You can't shine up a turd, Dave. You can't shine up a turd. And for those worrying about the juxtaposition of Blaney with a Nazi flag, let me put minds at rest. This one was captured and autographed by liberating US troops. That's alright then.

* "IMPRESSION MANAGEMENT" - this is "Spin" for "Spin", didn't catch on really, or did it?


tory boys never grow up said...

You should look at the comment made in bold at the end of this post, made to someone who is Jewish by the way.

To be honest while Cameron is prepared to tolerate such a person in his party, let alone allow him to train young Tories, I will never be convinced that the "nasty" party has changed its spots.

Chris Paul said...

Thanks for the link. Blaney is a creature. A horror story. And those who humour and indeed even fete him should be shot.

tory boys never grow up said...

Very amusingly Dale has censored my comment linking to Blaney's post on his thread about the BNP while at the same time allowing various comments from fascists to stand.