Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Dr Donal Blaney: What An Unpleasant Loony Hoon He Is

That uber-Tory and total tweet Dr Donal Blaney (right) appears to be suggesting that only those with HIV/AIDS are dying of H1N1A. Not sure if he means in general or just in the United Kingdom or just in the small sample known to his mole:

A mole at a London hospital has told me something interesting about swine flu.
First, after a recent outbreak at a mosque, elders insisted that worshipers were told they had H1-N1 (bird flu) and not swine flu (I kid you not).
Secondly, and this surely merits further investigation, the form of words used whenever anyone dies of swine flu - namely that the victim had "underlying health problems" - is apparently a euphemism for HIV/AIDS.
If this really is the case - and I have put in a Freedom of Information request to those hospitals where the victims tragically died of swine flu to get to the truth - then for the public to be lied to as to the risks of swine flu for the sake of political correctness really is one of the great scandals of our time.

That's two things Donal, not "something". First, the gratuitous little gag about muslims not eating or associating with the P-I-G. Hee hee hee. Second, the idea that "underlying health problems", used of the variety of fatalities from H1N1A, always means AIDS.

Therefore, suggests Donal, we should all be told that as those dying are careless gayers, needle-sharing intravenous druggies, receivers of infected blood products, whores, refugees and philanderers, the rest of us needn't worry.

Now, I'm not suggesting that Donal Blaney and his mole are either Islamophobic or Homophobic. But there are two problems. This "information" is uncorroborated and seems a bit unlikely to be the full story. And Donal's post seems to be just dripping hidden agendas and nudge nudgery.

The rest of us needn't be particularly worried anyway. Not at this time. This is a pretty mild infection and apparently less harmful than bog-standard seasonal flu.


Anonymous said...

First point: Muslim leaders might well do that, it will be hard to corroborate either way. But then again you're not suggesting that a blog be considered on the same level as a real journalistic endeavour are you?

Second point: NHS and WHO guidance already points out that H1N1A does pose a greater threat to those with compromised immune systems. HIV/AIDS sufferers would come under that category. It's possible he's right, but more by coincidence than cover-up I would suggest.

Anonymous said...

There are a large number of groups of people with compromised immune systems beside HIV/AIDS sufferers - transplant recipients who are required to take immunosuppresants being one obvious group.

Looking at the known list of deaths so far, we have one 80-year-old, one 76-year-old, and two or three young children. It doesn't quite fit the Blaney profile, does it?

But this was pointed out politely to Blaney in the comments of the original post by a poster called Hannibal. Blaney continued on regardless.

Chris Paul said...


1. The point about the mosque is not attributed, is not germane to the point about vulnerable people, is a gratuitous addition to Blaney's nasty oeuvre of nudge nudgery. What are they saying down the synagogue eh Donal? Come on you can repeat a joke or two on that as news.

2. Blaney's repeating of some hearsay from a London hospital doctor in his circle of loony hoons doesn't really chime with what we know. Yes of course those with AIDS, not so much HIV btw, are within the vulnerable groups for any infection as are many cancer patients, and those with other existing infections, and premature perinatal babies, and so on and so forth.

Again Blaney is speculating from very little information and irresponsibly so. He's kind of feeding another couple of seedy narratives here as well. And although you're dead right that this is not journalism and cannot be held to the same standards it's not even half-arsed blogging.

Setting off a FoIA query is very grand. But starting out by asking another doctor or two or a public health official in an area where they have had fatal cases would have made sense.

Donal Blaney is a fucking disgrace. And he's the one claiming to be chief coach to the Conservative Future who are of course repeatedly being found out with dodgy and nasty narratives and behaviour.

Anonymous said...

Is it dodgy and nasty to take a photo of someone who is a member of a perfectly ordinary political party whose views you vehemently disagree with and paste it onto an image of the Nazi flag?

Chris Paul said...

This is a very special Nazi flag anon. Captured by US soldiers liberating a town and signed by them all. Donal knows this as do regular readers who have seen the image on a number of occasions. Donal is the one who is dodgy and nasty - in this case playing with belittling and jeering at islamic dietary practice with a sub-Gaunty anecdote, plus some ridiculous crapulence about all swine flu deaths having AIDS.