Monday, July 20, 2009

Drake Street Art: Rowen Rat, Banana Knob and Blingy Portcullis

Those naughty boys of Rochdale Alternative Website aka RAW sign off today by reminding us that their Blogger efforts are entirely free and not paid for by the taxpayer. This seems a bit gratuitous. In circumstances where the local MP is under pressure over some of the stuff he's bought with taxpayer's money it's certainly rather near the knuckle. Seems unnecessary really.
A bit unpleasant even.

Can't they keep a civil tongue in their heads? NO? Oh well, never mind.

Along with a tedious and rambling recapitulation of some of the Liberal Democrat "sleaze down the decades" in the dirty dark ginnels and sweaty sleazy sewers of Rochdale town they bring us an artist's response to the vile accusations of vile sleaze against Rowen Rat.

Combining a rather priapic 40p banana - perhaps caught some adult TV services? - and some parliamentary bling the Rowen Rat (no relation) stencil is clearly NOT the work of Banksy (shop, with free downloads, also not paid for by the taxpayer).

Banksy never signs his work. And he would obviously know that use of the royal parliamentary portcullis (history pdf) is strictly controlled. It shouldn't be used in conjunction with party political logos and material. And it certainly ought not to appear amidst the main signage on a party political building.

This art is signed by one "Spanksy". When mapped appears to be emanating from PR Paul Rowen MP's Drake Street headquarters, owned by and shared with local Libdemologists at large. The word on the street is probably wrong. Suggesting as it does that Rowen has sent out his spray can boys (yes, these ARE funded by the taxpayer) to spray this "fuck you" "I'll bling if I want to" defiance, like a dog weeing (and worse) on every lamp post. Though rats aren't themselves territorial in this way Rowen Rat's tax payer salaried munchkins are.

Seems incredible really. Still, it probably makes more sense than launching a "don't you know I'm the Big I Am?" legal challenge that could come back and bite bottoms. And not in a good way. And from Penzance to John O Groats to boot. That would be a terrible tactical error. The work of a political imbecile. Pictured below centre. Below misused portcullis.


Anonymous said...

Has Rowen Rat had his banana knob transplanted to, or strapped on to his belly button? Love the tear in his eye. It's obviously hurting him more than it's hurting the people of Rochdale. All his spending. Pissing money up the walls.

Anonymous said...

Rowen rat's henchman might be working overtime to try and save their boss's bacon but they only seem to be making things worse. Errol the hamster (Aka Swarbrick) and Kevin the Gerbil (aka Power) are really getting up that good priest Father Daly's nose.

Didn't Rowen rat have a Christmas single in the charts a few years ago? Ding Dong Ding Dong (Lib Dems down the drain). Not as memorable as Cyril's brief foray into chanteurdom. But worth a listen.

Felix the Felcher said...

What is all this talk of Gerbils and Hamsters?

Has some MP been West to the Harrods Pet Shop?

Chris Paul said...

Rowen is going west ... but he's going down fighting I'm hearing. Who'd have thought that Henn would have already starting throwing legal weight about. Rowen's parliamentary colleagues will have his guts for garters when the whole scheme hits the buffers.

vestminster voyeur said...

Henn is now the story. Which is a problem for a spin paramedic.

Rowen is damaged goods, rather than the best thing since sliced bread for the Lib Dems in Parliament.

Soon to be toast.

Hands That Do Swishes said...

"They want me on toast!" said Cyril, wryly, his giant fingers drumming the table with easy menace.