Thursday, July 30, 2009

Guido Fawkes: Claims Cam Has Supped Sold Soul Food

Guido has a story from "an impeccable source" that he nonetheless caveats as unconfirmed. He'll be hurting his source's feelings at this rate. Anyways, pinch of salt must be applied to Dave's slap up meal chez Roland Rudd, Public Relations man for world capitalism, and Dave's Notting Hill neighbour.

Guido seems to think that being caught being fed and watered by such a fellow flim flam creature is a schoolboy error. With every morsel and every sip a new clause in a Faustian Pact. It seems that UK plc under Cam would owe a feeding frenzy to mammon. Doesn't sound good. Best avoided I'd say.

ROLAND RUDD'S FINSBURY: Represents 27% of the FTSE Top 100. Yes, 27 corporates. Plus Oleg Deripaska.

UPDATE Friday 21:04: Guido previously claimed this compromising fine dining was in June 2009. He has subsequently added this:

Cameron’s office have got in touch to say it was more like a year ago rather than a month ago that he last dined with Roland Rudd.

But I don't know when as it is a stealth update with no time stamp and no sign in any RSS feed.

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