Sunday, July 12, 2009

Iain Dale: Beards Griffin of BNP, Protects Blaney of Tories

Iain Dale threw out one of his little pot boilers of a blog post this morning. Around 100 lightweight words suggesting that Andrew Marr got the better of Nick Griffin with a late question on sinking people smuggling boats that left him floundering.

Apart from some standard Dale posse comments, for example recognising that Nick Griffin is damaged goods and barely keeping things together and avoiding going off on one, Dale also attracted some vague anonymous threats. With the appearance/insinuation of coming from Griffin supporters. But who knows where they came from. Fanny chose to let them through moderation and to let them stand, for about 12 hours now and counting.

Having not zapped any of these Iain did zap a comment from TBNGU (Tory Boys Never Grow Up) - about Donal Blaney and one of his utterly ridiculous posts of recent days. This was about a supposed concerted political attack on the ridiculous and accident prone Andrew Lansley. Which was actually just a trade journal interview in which poor Lansley did his usual kamikaze nonsense. This was picked up by mainstream press a couple of weeks later.

Removing the comment from TBNGU, renders Dale acolyte JuliaM's comment very hard to understand. She directly refers to the missing TBNGU comment.

Lansley really needs no help getting into trouble. But the inference - following the Mail - was that Alex Hilton was orchestrating something of an attack.

Hilton being a prominent blogger (Recess Monkey, Labour Home), bon viveur, Hilton Brother, Guido Fawkes associate, and Labour Prospective Parliamentary Candidate. Recently starting a new venture with one David Prescott, son of the able seaman merchant and ex- Deputy Prime Minister.

Alex, the warped Mail/Blaney logic went, had sent his girlfriend to literally destroy the otherwise bomb-proof Andrew Lansley. With her honey trap, Mata Hari ways. Blaney then compared this alleged approach - already patronising, misongynist, paranoid and groundless construct - with Alex sending a suicide bomber to blow up Jews and to do his dirty work for him.

I'll aim to bob back tomorrow and add in some links and the actual vile words that Blaney used.

Donal Blaney is a rather disgusting man IMO. His views are often detestable. He represents the reality behind the Cameron charm offensive. Apart from this sordid nonsense Blaney used a post on swine flu for a swipe at Muslims and those with AIDS. And there was that Maths skit - which Iain Dale linked to in yesterday's Saturday Daily Dozen - with its traditional final implication that our schools would be teaching and examining our kids in Arabic within eight years.

To which traditional form of the joke Blaney or his latter day co-conspirators had added oodles of derogatory references to Bulgarians, gypsies and that old Blaney/BNP-style standby The Muslims.

It is because of people like Blaney, the traditional Tory base if you like, apparently entrusted with the political and leadership education of the conservative Future hordes, that Cameron so desperately wants to hang on to Andy Coulson.

Whether AC has personally hacked a thousand 'phones and dived five thousand bins DC ain't bothered. DC feels he needs AC to protect his image from the character stains that come with Blaney and Co.

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