Thursday, July 23, 2009

Milking Amnesia Andy: Will Laugh-a-Minute Jestimony Unravel?

No wonder the Tory bloggers have generally been silent on this case if this is the best they can come up with. At least Shane Greer has had a bash at giving a good gloss to Milking Amnesia Andy and his utterly crooked looking and horribly shifty accomplices. Only Colin Myler - who wasn't yet with News Group at the time of the feral rat packery - didn't exhibit blatant signs of fibbery in his body language. Utterly crooked looking etc, but in the clear.

What Shane writes is big pants:

"... it's about a man in charge of a large and powerful organisation who understood that ultimately the buck stopped with him."

He wasn't in charge! Didn't Shane listen to his "evidence"? This amnesiac chancer Andy Coulson basically stated that although he had been with News Group man and boy for 20 years he hadn't EVER come across investigative practices which are (a) unethical and/or illegal and/or criminal and (b) identified in some 305 journalists, including many from News Group (in a currently suppressed 2006 list) and (c) well known to other former News Group workers including Andrew Neill and Piers Morgan.

Spluttering and incredulous that Coulson did not know.

The buck actually stopped with the two jailbirds and their nearest associates. They've been financially protected with so-called "Employment Rights" pay outs after they got out of jail. Almost certainly with robust confidentiality clauses. Perhaps even an implied redemption in a few years' time. Coulson has not suffered at all. And why should he? He was completely innocent after all!

He was not "in charge" in any real sense, according to his laugh-a-minute jestimony. Before a bunch of MPs who were mostly far from forensic in their demob happy days. And rather than displaying the nobility young Mr Greer tries to project loyally, onto his prospective future employer, Coulson's "I Know Nuffink, but the Buck Stops Here" was no more and no less than selfish damage limitation.

News Group looked after their people. Even the criminals. Some say to shut them up. I couldn't possibly comment. And Coulson landed on his feet, pretty smartish. Don't suppose Labour could have matched the Tory money but he may even have had a choice of Reds or Blues. Like the Tevez of Spin. Despite what he said towards the end of the session he could go back to News Group at the drop of a hat. If he keeps to their thoroughly drilled party line.

The new incumbent Colin Myler, and other editors, state quite simply that with any edgy story and most major stories would be interrogated by them as editors and especially the "buck stops here" Editor and Managing Editor. "Where did you get this?", "Who brought it in?", "Who checked the facts?", "Where is this transcript?", "Can we really say this?" and so on.

Stuart Kuttner (the Managing Editor) was the very weak link in all this. He admitted quite a lot and even answered questions that were not put. He seemed to be on the verges of the highway of nervous exhaustion. Stuart Scuttler (Scapegoat).

While Coulson - whose studied amnesia, careful disingenuity and increasingly cheeky banter were all a joy to see, at one level - remains at CCHQ it is rather like Mr Cameron finding himself driving in Northern Ireland in the mid 70s.

"There's a bomb in your boot!" was the message then. Will Murdoch have the urge to "look after" literally dozens of past and present News Groupies? For ever and a day? Or will some ratfink somewhere break ranks and remind Mr Coulson of the quotidian lying, cheating and stealing of his forgotten past? Preferably a month before an election when some other Tory porkies have made the news. And more preferably still, completely unpaid! By being illegally hacked, bugged or burgled by even worse ratfinks than they.

FOOTNOTE: Uri Geller is pictured above with the scapegoated Stuart Kuttner, the man who apparently admitted to signing off literally thousands of payments to bin divers, 'phone tappers and blaggers. On Coulson's watch and for a total of 18 years either side of that. Why did they let him go? And could UG help Coulson recover his deeply buried memories?

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