Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Nadina Dorrieskova: Retail Therapy To Celebrate "Escape"?

Colloquially "mad" Nad Dorries is tottering on her pegs today. Too many Pimms' on the Terrace? Oh no! This time it's a ridiculous and ostentatious footwear choice, reports soriety house mom and great pal Kerry McCarthy MP. Stilettos du Christian Louboutin, since you ask.

But she doesn't need any help landing on her arse as gravity will take its course, is prone to reporting ostentatious diamonds and alleged ... Sovietsky model look-a-like-ski. Cf Nadina Dorrieskova (right)?

Reckon she's bought herself a present for not getting immediately flung out over not actually having a real "main home" to justify her "second home" claims for the home where her one remaining school-age child, her ex-hubby, her pet dog and most of her UK-based home time is spent. Or perhaps the fibbing minx is dating a banker anonymously? Or perhaps, like most of her fluffy autobiographical tales, they are in fact IMMO?

NEWSFLASH: Currently Christian Louboutin do not retail online themselves. Most of that tat is IMMO they scold. Though Net-a-Porter is OK. Help these complete cobblers set up a reliable thousand dollar shoe shop online by taking part in this survey. Incidentally, I've been asked to point out, they do big sizes. But not "men's shoes" as such.

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Nadine is Gaga said...

Perhaps she was in her heels to celebrate the continued necessity of back street abortions in Northern Ireland?